Parental Controls

Parental controls give you the power to Take Charge! of your digital life, including the cable television and high speed Internet connections as well as home security tools.

Parental Controls for Your Television

From the Discovery Channel to the Disney Channel, your kids can learn a lot from quality educational cable programming.  And you can decide what programming is most appropriate for your children.  Parental controls allow you to block television programs by channel, rating or time of day.  You can also limit the time periods children can watch TV.

Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to set up parental controls for cable television on most cable devices, including the Contour DVR and client receiver, non-Contour DVR and receiver and the Mini Box.

Video Resources from Common Sense Media*

*Common Sense Media is the nation’s leading independent nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology.


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Your Home Phone and Home Safety

Your home phone is a great tool to help teach and protect your children. Take Control! by taking these opportunities to discuss home safety with your kids today: 

Teach Children When and How to Call 911: It’s an important lesson that children can learn at a young age. Make a game out of it!  Describe hypothetical situations and discuss the reasons why it would (or would not) justify a call to 911.

Prevent Oversharing: Long before they open their first social media account, children should start learning about what information is not appropriate to share.  The home phone is a great place to start.  You can empower your kids to Take Charge! of who they interact with and how.  Discuss how to screen calls through Caller ID, when to answer the phone and how to react to requests for personal information (such as “Are you home alone?”). 

Additional Safety Features Available Through Cox Digital Telephone Include:


Your Cox Digital Telephone number is automatically linked to your home address.  Therefore, when you use Cox Digital Telephone to call 911, dispatchers will know exactly where you are calling from – even if you can’t speak – and you won’t need to spend precious time explaining your location over a cell phone.  And Enhanced 911 Service will automatically send your location and phone number ahead to emergency personnel.


You can protect your family, privacy and pocketbook by blocking long-distance calls, turning off caller ID and more. 


Crystal-clear audio helps you communicate efficiently and effectively, avoiding miscommunications due to garbled words or dropped calls.


This feature helps monitor who is calling the house and when. Cox Digital Telephone customers can also view the names and numbers of incoming calls, and a list of incoming call history.


Parental Controls for Your Home

The benefits of home security are multi-fold for parents of teens.  By utilizing the technology available through Cox Homelife, parents can ensure that their teens have the best protection from intruders, safety hazards... and from occasional bad judgment.

A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States, and Cox Homelife provides the peace of mind for both teens and parents that comes with protection.  According to recent research, most teens are left at home unsupervised on a regular basis.  And nearly half of those teens (46%) without a security system say they would feel safer at home with a security system.   

Cox Homelife also gives parents the ability to:

  • Supervise teens from afar in real time.  Nearly 1 in 3 teens say they've had a friend over in the last year without their parents' knowledge.  But parents can utilize Cox Homelife’s real-time text or email alerts sent whenever someone opens a door and literally see who is coming into your house.

  • Strategically place cameras within your home, and access Cox Homelife secure video monitoring via your smart phone or a web browser, so you can know in real time what’s happening at home.

  • View reports (such as a daily list of when doors were opened, closed and locked), which give parents the ability to verify when teens come and go.
For more information about the security and safety benefits offered by Cox Homelife, click here.