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Making My Smart House A Smart Home, One Connection At A Time

August 16, 2022

By Ashley Renne, smart tech & sustainability expert


Since becoming a mom to my son, I’ve quickly learned that raising a family can unlock a new level of efficiency you never knew you could master. Managing everyone’s schedules, coordinating groceries and meals for the week and ensuring every member of the fam is happy, healthy and set-up for success takes a lot of planning – not to mention time management skills!
Especially in these early years for my son, it’s so important to my husband and me that we’re able to be there for all the milestones, like his first words, first steps and first time trying our favorite vegan recipes. To make sure that we’re able to connect with our son and have time in our day to be together as a family doing what we love, I’ve enlisted the help of smart home tech. Here are a few of my faves.
Mesh Wifi
First and foremost, none of these smart home technologies would function well without rock-solid internet connection. Mesh Wifi networks, like Cox Panoramic Wifi, provide seamless internet connection throughout your home by eliminating dead zones, keeping you, your family and your devices connected. This especially comes in handy when I work in my basement office, an area of our home that would typically suffer from spotty Wifi. Thanks to our robust internet connection, I never have to worry about that. Mesh Wifi ensures I am able to reliably get any important updates and notifications about my family.
Virtual Assistants
Whether you are team Alexa, Google or Siri, virtual assistants are here to help you and your family. Virtual assistants can answer almost any question you throw their way including a quick conversion from tablespoons to teaspoons while cooking or even requesting a lullaby while you rock your baby to sleep. And when you’re streaming your favorite shows and movies through Cox Contour TV, you can simply ask Contour to change channels or switch episodes through the voice activated remote
Smart Trackers
“Mom Brain” is no joke, though I certainly thought it was before entering motherhood! Because we parents have so much to keep up with these days, smart trackers can help you keep track of all your most important items. Now you don’t have to worry about losing your phone, wallet, keys or even your child’s favorite stuffed toy – you can track almost anything with tech like Tile and Apple Air Tags.
Smart Cameras
There’s truly no place like home, and it’s every parents’ priority to keep it safe. With smart door locks and cameras, it’s easy! Cox Homelife packages offer this tech, which provide 24/7 recording and motion detection and the ability to lock your doors from your phone. The peace of mind these smart tools provide is priceless when it comes to the safety of your family.
All of these time-saving tools available to us certainly make our lives easier, plus they can give us back a few moments in our day. But the way I’ve made my smart house a smart home is through those endearing moments of connection and the sweet memories my family and I are making each day. Check out my full list of smart home faves on my YouTube channel and visit cox.com/smarthome to learn more about Cox’s smart home capabilities.


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