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CONVERGE | Entertainment

Get Up and Out with Your Family for Spring

March 15, 2019

Flowers bloom and family time blossoms with these fun activities

The shift from winter to spring brings an extra hour of light and anticipation of longer (and hopefully warmer) days ahead. With the newfound light and the change in season, this is a fantastic opportunity for your family to take advantage of everything spring has to offer.

Here are a few fun ways to embrace the change in season:

Get In Step

After a long winter of hibernating and probably being a little less active, spring is a perfect time to get those bodies moving. You can purchase an inexpensive and basic step counter for each member of the family and have everyone keep it in their pocket. Use it as a friendly competition for seeing who gets the most steps in a day. Perfect excuse for a family walk after dinner!

Spring Cleaning

Open those windows and air out the house. Take a weekend to tackle a part of the house to disinfect and declutter (Marie Kondo, anyone?). Have a donation pile, so kids know that what they're giving up will be put to very good use. They will also be happier to have the extra space to play in.

Digital Detox

The long, dark winter was probably when family members retreated to their caves and spent a little more time than desired on their mobile devices. A new season is a fresh start and an opportunity to cut back on device time. Make a family rule to have no devices for a chunk of each day (a big bowl in the kitchen is a great central repository) and enjoy face-to-face interaction.

Family Flick Night

After reduced device time during the week, a family movie night during the weekend is well-earned. Let each family member take turns picking a flick each weekend, and encourage a variety of movie types to open up their cinematic exposure. With Cox On Demand, there is no shortage of family movie options.

Plant a Garden

Spring is perfect for starting a vegetable garden in the backyard. No matter how much or how little space you have, it is easy and inexpensive to grow your own produce. Whether it's a bunch of basil or rows of carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers, kids will love getting their hands dirty and learning important lessons about where good food comes from.

Winter to spring is a welcomed transition, especially for those who have dealt with snow and freezing temperatures for months. And any change of season is a great time to start anew. Grab your family members, get outside and savor the change to spring.

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