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CONVERGE | Entertainment

Get Your Family Mad for March Madness (Even if No One Likes Basketball!)

March 13, 2019

March Madness can be fun for the entire family - we'll show you how.

March Madness, AKA, the holy time of year for college basketball fanatics, is upon us again. But you don't have to be a Big 10 alum to get hooked on the excitement – in fact, you don't even have to be a basketball fan. You can get everyone in your family excited for March Madness with these creative ways:

Break out Those Brackets

Ah, the tell-all bracket that every devout March Madness fan lives and breathes by. Easily found online before the games start, the bracket represents the foundation for family fun. Print out a copy for each member of the family to get started.

Pick 'Em

The next step is to go through the whole bracket and have everyone pick their winners. Whether it's because the name is fun to say (Gon-za-ga!) or maybe it rhymes (Duke/Luke), winners are an individual's choice. And for little ones who can't yet read, simply call them out (Kansas or Mississippi) and pick whichever name they repeat.

Geography Lesson

Picking winners is a great opportunity for a quick geography lesson as well. Where is Tennessee? What is the capital of Connecticut? How many miles away is South Dakota? Kids can learn about basketball teams and the continental U.S. at the same time.

Check it Twice

With everyone's brackets complete, let the games begin! Just say "March Madness" into your Contour voice remote to watch the games. For those kids who like to be in control, designate a reader who can go through family members' brackets each night and highlight the winners on each. After each round, they can tally up the winners and keep a family scorecard of who has picked the most winners. 

You can even use the handy Cox Sports app to compare players, check scores all at once and watch real-time stats on all March Madness happenings.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

When all is said and done, there will likely be one winner in the house. Give the official winner "March Madness Champion" designation and let him/her pick a family activity, a restaurant for a night out or a family movie so everyone can celebrate.

March Madness is a celebrated time of year for basketball fans. When you involve the whole family, everyone wins.

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