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CONVERGE | Entertainment

Top 10 Game of Thrones Rumors That Could Actually Happen in Season 8

April 12, 2019

Season 8 of Game of Thrones is just around the corner. Find out which rumors are the most likely to still come true before the series ends.

SPOILERS (seriously...a lot of spoilers) AHEAD!

Sunday, April 14 marks the premiere and much anticipated final chapter of Game of Thrones on HBO. While the show's writers have proved that literally anything can happen, there just isn’t enough time for everything to happen in the 6, movie-length episodes scheduled to wrap-up the show. 

Here are the 10 rumors we think are the most likely to happen before the end of Season 8.


There are Three Dragon Riders

Ever since Daenerys had a vision where she was told, “the dragon has three heads,” in Season 2, many have speculated that each of her three dragons must have a rider of Targaryen decent. Fans already know Jon Snow is related to Daenerys, but who is the third dragon rider? Some are looking at Tyrion Lannister as a possibility (if the rumor that the Mad King is his real father is confirmed). But, others are suggesting that it could be Bran due to his warging ability, which brings us to the next rumor. 

Bran is the Night King

Bran may be the Three-Eyed Raven, but could it be possible that with his ability to both time-travel and warg, he is also the Night King? As one Reddit user explains, Bran begins traveling further into the past to stop the Night King and his army but fails each time. In his last attempt, he warged into the human that will one day become the Night King, but he lingers too long and gets stuck in the past. As he progresses through time, he could eventually be the one leading the army of the dead into war, the very thing he was trying to prevent from happening. 

Cersei Was Never Pregnant or Loses the Baby

In Season 7, Cersei turned down a glass of wine when she revealed to her brother, Tyrion, that she was expecting a child. But, in the Season 8 trailer that HBO recently released, viewers saw a tearful Cersei with wine in hand. That was enough to raise speculation that she is no longer pregnant...or never was never pregnant. 

Some fans believe she was telling the truth about her pregnancy and sadly, may have lost the baby. After all, Cersei isn’t one to show emotion and the last time anyone saw her cry was when her daughter, Myrcella, tragically died in Season 5. 

Daenerys is Pregnant...with Jon Snow’s Child

GOT writers have had fans believing that Daenerys is barren for some time now, but it could be possible that was just an attempt to throw everyone off guard. Since the aunt-nephew duo got together last season, many have speculated that a baby may be on the way. 

Jon Snow’s Fate

Jon Snow’s final fate has many rumors flying. It’s hard to imagine GOT writers allowing two characters to live happily ever after by ending the season with Jon Snow married by Daenerys’ side in King’s Landing. 

Rather, the more popular theory is that Jon Snow will follow in Ned Stark’s footsteps and die in the finale before his Targaryen roots can ever be revealed, avoiding an awkward conversation with his Aunt Daenerys (we can’t get over this one either...).

Cersei Meets Her Fatal End 

In GOT, the villains (and character favorites, let’s be real) are expected to have an epic death, much like Joffrey, Ramsay and Little Finger. Cersei is rumored to be next on the chopping block, but who will be the one to do it? Some, suspect she will die at the hands of her lover and brother, Jaime, which would fulfill the Volonqar prophecy.

On the other hand, Arya Stark may get to her first. She has quite the lengthy kill list, and Cersei’s name is on it. Fans believe she will kill Jaime in combat and use his face to get close enough to Cersei to kill her. 

Melisandre’s Return

When Melisandre sailed out of Dragonstone last season, she claimed that she would one day return to die in Westeros. One theory believes she will finally make herself useful by returning with an army of red priests to join the fight against the Night King. To that, we say - the more the merrier! 

The Dire Wolves Unite 

Arya was briefly reunited with her long-lost dire wolf, Nymeria, in Season 7. This led viewers to believe the brief interaction was setting up for another appearance in the finale. It is possible that Nymeria will once again swoop in with her pack of wolves to help Arya in battle.  


Fans have been dying to see The Mountain and The Hound go head-to-head in a duel dubbed, Cleganebowl for years now. With the two brothers gracing one of the 16 covers released for Season 8, will the show finally be giving viewers the fight they’ve been waiting for? Guess we will have to watch to find out. 

No One Sits on the Iron Throne 

While there are many favorable contenders for the Iron Throne, some fans theorize no one will end up ruling Westeros. With Daenerys and Jon Snow favored to win the battle, fans speculate the duo will put an end to the monarchy that rules the Seven Kingdoms, changing the government for good. 

While it’s insane to think that years of deaths, fights and heartbreak for the Iron Throne ends in its dismantling – the only thing you can expect during the Game of Thrones season finale is the unexpected. 



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