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Fall TV Preview: Best Shows Premiering This Week

September 29, 2017

Put new batteries in your remote, order a crate’s worth of popcorn, and settle in, because there are 43 shows premiering the week of September 25th. Even the biggest pot of coffee in the world won’t help you watch them all, so we’ve written up some of our own recommendations for what you might want to check out. You can always watch live or catch up with Cox On Demand.

Monday, September 25

8 pm – The Big Bang Theory on CBS | 11th Season

Sheldon, Leonard and the gang are back for one final season before their show heads off to that great big science lab in the sky. There’s very little to say about The Big Bang Theory that hasn’t already been said. Despite often mixed reviews from critics, it has been one the most popular network television shows for years now and will likely go down as the defining sitcom of this era.

8:30 pm – Young Sheldon on CBS | Series Premiere

After years of laughing along with older Sheldon, fans of The Big Bang Theory can now laugh along to the adventures of brilliant, 9-year-old Young Sheldon as he prematurely navigates life in high school. The series premiere is produced and directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man), making it worth a look even if you’re not particularly interested in The Big Bang Theory.

9 pm – Kevin Can Wait on CBS | 2nd Season

Kevin James returns as retired detective Kevin Cable, and after a sometimes shaky first season, he’s joined by new series regular (and former King of Queens co-star) Leah Remini. If you enjoyed King of Queens, a sitcom about Kevin James and Leah Remini living on Long Island, you may also enjoy Kevin Can Wait, a sitcom about Kevin James and Leah Remini living on Long Island.

9:30 pm – Me, Myself, & I on CBS | Series Premiere

A much buzzed about new series starring John Larroquette, Bobby Moynihan and Jack Dylan Glazer as a single character named Alex Riley whose story is told at three different stages of his life: as a just retired 65-year-old, a just divorced 40-year-old and as a 14-year-old who just moved to Los Angeles.

11:30 pm – The Opposition with Jordan Klepper on Comedy Central | Series Premiere

Comedy Central’s newest attempt to recapture the magic it previously found pairing the Daily Show with the Colbert Report, The Opposition satirizes alternative media and “fake news.”

Also premiering on the 25th:

8 pm – The Voice on NBC | 13th Season

10 pm – The Good Doctor on ABC | Series Premiere

10 pm – The Brave on NBC | Series Premiere

10 pm – Scorpion on CBS | 4th Season

Tuesday, September 26th

8 pm – Lethal Weapon on FOX | 2nd Season

Lethal Weapon successfully rebooted one of Hollywood’s most beloved buddy cop film series into a fun buddy cop TV series. Stars Damon Wayans as Roger Murtaugh (originally played by Danny Glover) and Clayne Crawford as Martin Riggs (originally played by Mel Gibson).

9 pm – This is Us on NBC | 2nd Season

One of the most critically acclaimed new dramas of 2016, This is Us follows the intertwining lives of three adult siblings: two twins and their adopted brother who was abandoned and brought to the hospital on the same day they were born.

10 pm – Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders on NBC | Series Premiere

A true crime anthology series that represents NBC’s attempt to get on the American Crime Story bandwagon; each season of True Crime will dramatize a different story, beginning this season with the trial of Lyle and Erik Menendez, two brothers whose trial for the murder of their parents became one of the most sensationalized news stories of 1996.

Also premiering on the 26th:

8 pm – NCIS on CBS | 15th Season

9 pm – Bull on CBS | 2nd Season

9 pm – The Mick on Fox | 2nd Season

9:30 pm – Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Fox | 5th Season

10 pm – NCIS: New Orleans | 4th Season

Wednesday, September 27th

8 pm – Empire on Fox | 4th Season

Even though Empire‘s third season arguably went a little off-the-rails, this hugely popular musical drama about a hip-hop music and entertainment company, Empire Entertainment, is worth a look as it enters its fourth season, if only to see if it can return to the incredible level of quality reached during its first two.

8:30 pm – Speechless on ABC | 2nd Season

Speechless is a charmingly funny show about a quirky family and their search for the best possible education for their deeply intelligent, and speechless, oldest son who suffers from cerebral palsy. With a 98% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it’s the highest rated show premiering this week.

9 pm – Star on Fox | 2nd Season

A musical drama from Lee Daniels, who also created EmpireStar follows Star Davis as she and her girl group, Big Trouble, try to find success in Atlanta’s music industry. This second season premiere is crossing over with Empire, so the storylines of both shows will tie together into one big two hour block.

10 pm – Designated Survivor on ABC | 2nd Season

A promising show about a low-level cabinet member who becomes president after everyone ahead of him in line of succession is killed, Designated Survivor mostly succeeds by filling the Keifer Sutherland shaped hole that had existed in all our televisions since the end of his run on 24.

Also premiering on the 27th:

8 pm – The Goldbergs on ABC | 5th Season

8 pm – The Blacklist on NBC | 2nd Season

9 pm – Modern Family on ABC | 9th Season

9 pm – SEAL Team on CBS | Series Premiere

9 pm – Law & Order: SVU on NBC | 19th Season

9:30 pm – American Housewife on ABC | 2nd Season

10 pm – Chicago P.D. on NBC | 4th Season

10 pm – Criminal Minds on CBS | 13th Season

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