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5 Ideas for a Halloween Party That's Frighteningly Entertaining

October 03, 2022

Your guests will be screaming for more with these spooky party ideas that'll ensure a ghoulishly good time.

Want to plan an amazing Halloween party that's terrifyingly terrific? Get ready for a ghastly good time with these creepy — and clever — party themes for everything you need for a Halloween celebration that's your best yet!

Horror Movie Trivia
See how well your guests know their spooky stuff by playing a horror movie trivia game.

Create a printable quiz of your favorite Halloween movie trivia covering everything from the color of Freddy Krueger's iconic sweater in A Nightmare on Elm Street and the name of the apartment building in Rosemary's Baby, to the total number of Halloween movies, and more. You can also read the questions aloud for some friendly — and fear-inspiring — group trivia fun.

Pumpkin Bowling
For some amazing autumn fun, organize a game of pumpkin bowling in your backyard. Here's what to do:

Set up the alley by lining up hay bales or miniature plastic garden fences.
Use a kids' set of 10 plastic pins or get double-duty usage out of plastic water bottles or empty 2-liter soda bottles. (Put a glow stick in each of the bottles for a fun, nighttime effect.)
Now, the best part — choose an array of different size pumpkins as “bowling balls" and roll away to see how many “pins" you and your guests can successfully knock down.

Thrill of the Hunt
Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt, especially one that's designed as haunted? Choose a party theme that's age-appropriate (vampires, monsters or creepy dolls — oh my!) and write up some hiding-place clues for random Halloween-oriented items that coincide with them. You can also print out ready-made scavenger hunt sheets to simplify the spooky session.

Boo-licious Boards
What would a party be without some bewitching bites? With charcuterie boards all the rage, adding one to your Halloween food fest is a must. You can customize a traditional charcuterie spread by purchasing a custom board from Etsy or a Disney-themed one, like this Haunted Mansion Cheese Board. Here are some other ways to channel your culinary creativity:

Chilling Candy Board: Your spread will be so sweet, your guests will “die" for it. Group, stack and pile treats, choosing from different sizes, flavors, and colors (gummy worms and candy corn are musts!). Don't forget to add in a few plastic rodents, spiders, and eyeballs for some dreadful décor.

Creepy Quick Bites: For a nourishing snack attack, add some crescent rolls to the mix. They can be used to wrap hot dogs for yummy Mummy Dogs, crafted into Witch Hats (chocolate filling never looked so spooky), or even spiced up into a Spider Taco.

Final “Feasting" Place
: If you're more into a traditional array of fruit, nuts, olives, meats and cheeses, why not make it someone's final resting — err, feasting— place? Place a plastic skeleton in the middle of your board, then assemble your favorite treats as graveyard goodies, including some edible eyeballs made from grapes, frozen yogurt and fruit juice.

Unearthly Vibes to Get 'Em Groovin'
All of these fun activities surely deserve a “possessed playlist" of seasonal songs. Add these tracks for a ghoulishly good time, then take some requests for even more tunes as your smart speaker sets just the right tone:

"The Phantom of the Opera Overture" (Andrew Lloyd Webber)
"A Nightmare on My Street" (DJ Jazzy & The Fresh Prince)
"Thriller" (Michael Jackson)
"Somebody's Watching Me" (Rockwell)
"Wolves" (Selena Gomez and Marshmello)
"Zombie" (The Cranberries)
"Monster" (Lady Gaga)
"The Purple People Eater" (Sheb Wooley)
“Stranger Things" Theme (Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein)
"I Put a Spell On You" (Bette Midler)
Screen Screamers
If those songs make you nostalgic check out the sequel to everyone's favorite Halloween flick, Hocus Pocus 2, or the final chapter of Michael Myers reign of terror in Halloween Ends. Set up a spooky viewing area and say "Halloween" into your Contour Voice Remote to find these spooky sequels and a collection movies and shows for a fright filled watch party. 

Use All the Tricks and Treats
Adding some pizzazz to your next Halloween party is easier than you think. Use these ideas to get your happy haunting started or add your own spine-tingling touches to ensure your guests are screaming for more.


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