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Resources for Educators

Browse our toolkit for materials to help you get the word out to students and families.


Recent surveys show that 50% of students with access to a home computer and Internet saw improved grades and a renewed interest in their education. For educators, this collection of resources offers easy access to helping your students get the access they need at an affordable price for their parents. Help us spread the word and let’s work towards closing the digital divide.

For Educators

Take advantage of these tools and tips to support effective and productive digital classrooms.

News & Media Literacy Toolkit

Teaching Strategies: Set Up Your Digital Classroom

Teaching Strategies: Digital Distraction in the Classroom

For Your Students

For students, being able to effectively use the Internet is essential. Help your students succeed in school with these educational games and tools from the Cox® Digital Academy.

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Cox® Digital Academy

Internet Tools and Resources for the Whole Family

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