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Why Speed Matters

Do you like to download music, stream movies or game online? We'll help find the right speed for you.

Download Speed

Test the speed at which you download music, movies or anything from the internet onto your computer.

Upload Speed

Test the speeds at which you upload pictures, videos or whatever you want from your computer to the internet.

Prepare for faster speeds. We'll show you how!

This speed test requires Flash.

NOTE: Testing while connected to WiFi may yield slower results than if wired.
Already a customer? A modem upgrade may improve your speeds.

Select the Package That's Right for You

Speed Infograph


Simply follow our illustrated troubleshooting guide below for insightful tips and tricks to improve your speed experience.

1. Plug In

Cox Wifi is super fast, but plugging your Ethernet cable into your computer is a direct connection to the fastest speeds your package has to offer.

2. Modem Matchmaker

Your modem may not be matched for your speed. Take advantage of your true Internet speed by upgrading to the DOCSIS 3.0.

3. Device Drama

Having multiple devices using Internet takes up major bandwidth. Turn off devices that are not in use to maximize your speed.

4. Sharing

Someone in your house may be sharing music or files, which can drastically reduce your results. Increase your speed package to share files without sacrificing your speed experience.

5. WiFi Power Up

Check your WiFi transmission power settings and set to maximum.

6. Neighborly WiFi Nabbing

It's possible that one or more of your neighbors are using the same WiFi channel. Try another WiFi channel to find one that delivers optimal speeds.

7. WiFi Obstacles

You may experience interference if your WiFi modem/router is on the far end of the house, obstructed by thick walls, near baby monitors or by cordless phones. Adjust placement of the equipment for the best speed experience.

8. Ready for Dual-Band?

Consider using a dual-band WiFi modem/router to separate devices. Putting your main equipment on 5G and mobile devices on lower 2G settings ensures fastest speeds.

9. Enjoy Your True Speed

Take a cruise down the Information Superhighway and see how these simple tips helped maximize your speed experience.