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We're updating your phone service

Get a free update and installation in three easy steps

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Catch up to the newest voice technology

Your network is getting updated with the most high-tech phone equipment available at no cost to you. During this time, anyold equipment will be replaced with a new modem.


We’re excited to share our newest tech with you

You’ll be upgraded to a new phone service without any interruptions.

Calling features

Once updated, you’ll be ready for the newest tech down the line.Here’s what this upgrade will do for you:

Phone Icon for Blocking unsolicited calls

Block unwanted calls

Use new tools to stop pesky sales and robo-calls.

Phone Tools icon in blue green gradient

Enhanced Phone ToolsSM

Get more control of your phone's features.

Phone Icon for downloading Cox Voice Everywhere app

Go mobile

Download the Cox Voice Everywhere App to use your home phone service anywhere along with Text Messaging and Video Calling.

Phone Upgrade FAQs

Most Frequent Questions

Cox is currently upgrading the network by removing outdated technology that will cease to be manufactured and supported in the future, and replacing it with better, more efficient technology. The transition benefits include: uninterrupted use of Cox Digital Telephone service with updated equipment that is available to you at no charge.

No. The tech visit will be provided at no additional cost. Customers will also need new equipment as part of the update, which is offered at no additional charge or at a discount–depending on the equipment option selected.

Someone over the age of 18 will need to be present for the Cox technician to install new equipment inside the home and complete the update.

There is no direct impact to Cox Digital Phone customers in 2017. Eventually customers will need to make the update to continue service.

Additional Helpful Questions

Cox is proactively updating the network by removing outdated technology that will no longer be manufactured in the future and replacing it with more efficient, up-to-date technology. As a result, the new piece of equipment will now be placed inside the home and plugs into a wall outlet.

What stays the same:

  • The price Cox Digital Telephone customers pay for home phone service
  • Same reliable home phone service from Cox
  • Continued access to e911
  • Bundle discount as a multiproduct customer
  • Use of same handset
  • The way customers use the service today including all features

In the future, more efficient, updated technology service will enable more innovative features.  Currently, Cox Digital Telephone customers can enjoy features such as TV Caller ID, Cox Mobile Connect, Phone Tools and readable voicemail. (No new features directly associated with the update will be available immediately)

The tech visit will last approximately one (1) hour. If the tech encounters additional issues while in your home, it may take longer.

Affected Cox Digital Telephone customers will be directly contacted by Cox to schedule a technician to come to their home and install the updated equipment. Their current older equipment is outdated and not compatible with today's updated technology.

Customers who need new equipment have two options:

  • eMTA: At no additional charge, a customer can receive a stand-alone eMTA, Cisco DPQ3212 with two (2) voice ports, 8x4 cable model/eMTA capable of ~150 Mbps. This device supports both phone and broadband service.
  • Wifi Modem: Customers can receive an Arris TG1682 DOCSIS 3.0 dual-band gateway with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless capability, including four ethernet ports and up to two separate ports for telephone lines. This device supports both phone and broadband service, and enables faster broadband speeds of up to 640 Mbps (depending on the purchased Internet package).

As of today, we do not have a deadline for transitioning to updated technology, but we are phasing out older telephone technology on our network and eventually ALL Cox Digital Telephone customers will need to transition. We encourage all Cox Digital Telephone customers with outdated equipment to call Cox and schedule a free update.

Cox recognizes that access to local emergency services is vital to all residents and Cox Digital Telephone customers who qualify for Lifeline service will continue to benefit from the same discounted service.

Lifeline is a federal/state program that helps make home telephone service more affordable for qualified customers.  Under the federal Lifeline program, telephone customers who are eligible for certain public assistance programs or whose income meets program criteria are entitled to receive a basic telephone service discount.

A battery is not automatically included with the modem. The cost for a battery from Cox is dependent on the type of modem. The CARE agent will provide the battery option during the conversion process.  Exceptions include existing Lifeline customers who will have a battery provided at installation at no charge as long as their Lifeline eligibility is current.

In the event of a power outage, the battery provides up to twenty-four hours of standby service or up to twelve hours of talk time using a corded telephone connected directly to the telephone modem's working jack.  If you opt for a battery, it is recommended that you check the status of the battery on a regularly.

Customers who want a battery should request a battery when they call to schedule the service call.

The technician will install the battery free of charge during the update. Battery requests made after the completed update may be subject to an installation charge

Landline service is valuable because of the safety and reliability it provides. Also, bundling all three Cox services offers additional savings for customers and gives more integrated services like TV Caller ID and readable voice mail.

We are proactively notifying customers affected by the update through letters sent to your home and other methods. Cox Digital Telephone customers can also visit www.cox.com/updatemyphone for more information.