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Cox Internet Peering / Interconnection

Peering is a business relationship whereby operators of IP networks reciprocally exchange traffic sourced from each respective network through direct interconnectivity. Settlement-free peering is intended to be mutually beneficial.

Settlement-Free Peering

Cox Communications’ (CCI) Settlement-Free Interconnection program is designed to handle the evolving Internet and reflects its current state. As Internet traffic delivery and associated economics change over time, Cox's peering program will evolve as well. All interested parties should review the guidelines for settlement-free peering.

Potential Peers that meet the guidelines for settlement-free IP interconnection below should contact peering@cox.com.

Operators of networks that do not meet the guidelines for settlement-free IP interconnection can inquire about paid-peering.

Cox Communications
Settlement-Free IP Interconnection Program

Companies requesting the establishment of settlement-free IP interconnection with Cox Communications should meet the following criteria:

  • Requesting Company must operate a nationwide IP network

  • Requesting Company must have a presence at two or more common interconnection locations (preferably at least one on the West Coast and one on the East Coast) in different US time zones. The locations listed on as22773.peeringdb.com are the most common locations, but Cox and Company may explore other mutually agreeable locations

  • Requesting Company must maintain a minimum Internet traffic exchange of 10 Gbps measured at the 95th percentile with Autonomous System 22773

  • Requesting Company must enter into an IP Interconnection Agreement with Cox

  • Requesting Company must have an experienced, professional Network Operations Center staffed 24/7/365 who have the ability to promptly remedy any issues

  • The network cost burden for connecting via local facilities should be roughly equal. Both companies shall agree to sustain equal financial burden for the costs of private interconnection via local facilities

  • Requesting Company must be financially stable

  • Cox and Requesting Company will interconnect for a trial period of up to 90 days for verification of traffic volume. After 90 days the parties may modify their Interconnection Agreement to reflect information learned during the trial period or agree to terminate Interconnection

  • Company shall abide by the following routing policies (unless otherwise mutually agreed):
    - Consistent route announcements at all Interconnection locations
    - Consistent ASN at all Interconnection locations
    - No announcement of transit or third party routes; only traffic from each party's network shall be exchanged
    - No abuse of the Settlement-Free IP Interconnection relationship or use beyond what is agreed upon between the parties

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Cox Communications reserves the right to decline Settlement-Free IP Interconnection requests consistent with the minimum requirements specified above based on business reasons in its sole discretion.  Approved Settlement-Free IP Interconnection agreements are subject to periodic review to ensure continued compliance with all criteria and that the agreement remains mutually beneficial.  If the minimum criteria are no longer met or the agreement is no longer mutually beneficial in Cox’s sole discretion, Cox reserves the right to terminate a Settlement-Free IP Interconnection agreement upon reasonable notice.  Cox may modify the Settlement-Free IP Interconnection Program at any time.  Companies not meeting these requirements may apply for Paid Peering. See www.coxbusiness.com/acceptableusepolicy for Cox Business’ Acceptable Use Policy. Version 2.2 Effective February 2022.