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Cox Homelife offers home security and automation backed by 24/7 professional monitoring and remote access via the Cox Homelife mobile app [iOS] [Android]. Get started to begin customizing a security and equipment package to fit your needs.
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Home security and automation needs are uniquely yours. Tell us about your family.

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Home Size

To ensure you’re getting the right home security package, tell us about your home.

What's the approximate square footage of your home?

Less than 2,500 2,500 or greater

How many staircases are in your home?

0 1 2 3+

Points of Entry

You may want extra sensors and cameras to monitor these areas.

How many entry doors are on the first floor?

1 2 3 4

Are there any other structures or buildings on your property?
(e.g. detached garage, apartment over garage, shed, etc.)

Existing Equipment

Cox may be able to repurpose your existing security equipment.

Do you already have a home security system?

It is hardwired or wireless equipment?

Your Home Security Needs

The safety and security of our homes and families is important to us all.

Why do you want a home security system?

Select all that apply.

To protect my home when I’m not there
To protect the people in my home
Because I travel frequently
To make sure my pet iss are OK

Your Home Security Concerns

The Homelife mobile app provides remote access to your security system, eases anxieties and ensures the safety of the people and things you love.

What’s at the back of your mind when you’re not at home?

Select all that apply.

Is the door locked?
Did I turn on the alarm?
Did I turn down the heat?
Will the house appear empty when I’m away?
Will the cleaning person get in OK?
Will my pets be OK if I get home late?
Are the kids home yet?

Your Home Automation Desires

What types of conveniences would you like in your home?

Select all that apply.

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Take the heat off your energy bills with a programmable thermostat. Easily adjust the temperature via touchscreen pad, web portal or mobile app.

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Ward off intruders, conserve energy and save money by setting lights on a timer with Smart LED Light Bulbs.

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Forget to turn off the coffeemaker or unplug the iron? Now you can turn off small appliances remotely with Smart Plugs to save money on electricity and prevent fire hazards.

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Remotely unlock and lock your doors via the Cox Homelife mobile app using Smart Door Locks.

You’re almost done!


Your Recommended
Homelife Package & Equipment

Homelife Essential Package: $29.99/mo.
or One-Time Equipment Cost: $

Your Homelife service includes award-winning, 24/7 professional monitoring, the Homelife mobile app [iOS] [Android] and all the equipment you need to make the most of home security.

Call 855-446-5970 Schedule a Free Consultation

Give us a call and speak with a representative to further discuss your Homelife options.

Equipment Included with Purchase

Requires 2-year service agreement

Home Security Router1 x $39 FREE
Motion Sensor1 x $100 FREE
Door/Window Sensors2 x $60 FREE
HD Camera1 x $180 FREE
Window Decals2 x FREE
Yard Sign1 x FREE

Repurpose Security Equipment

Cox will provide a free consultation with a professional to assess the repurposing of your existing security equipment.

Recommended Equipment Based on Your Results

Your package includes all of the necessary home security equipment. If you’re interested in additional equipment, you can browse all Homelife equipment or talk to a Homelife Advisor during your free in-home consultation.

Repurpose Security Equipment

Cox will provide a free consultation with a professional to assess the repurposing of your existing security equipment.


Requires 2-year service agreement

Home Security Router

$39 FREE

Cox Homelife doesn’t require a telephone line, so a Cox technician will set up this free dedicated WiFi security router.


Door/Window Sensors

2 x $60.00 FREE

Activates the security system and advises the Cox monitoring center when equipped doors and windows are opened.

Motion Sensor

$100.00 FREE

Perfect for when you aren’t at home, this sensor triggers the security system when motion is detected in rooms and hallways.

HD Video Camera

$180.00 FREE

Wireless camera with night vision provides live HD video and motion-activated recording. With additional subscription, 24-hour recording and storage is also available.

Yard Sign & Window Decals


Cox Homelife signs and decals alert potential intruders that your home is protected.


Protect. Monitor. Control. And More.

Save on Your Cox Bill

Bundle Homelife with Cox TV, Internet and Digital Phone services for monthly savings.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Installing a home security system can save you money on home insurance policies. Ask your insurance provider for more information.

Control Your Energy Bill

Conserve energy and save money by setting the thermostat, lights and small appliances on a timer.

Contact a Homelife Advisor

We have experts who can help recommend the right package or equipment for you. If you would like to take advantage of our free in-home consultation, learn more about Cox professional installation or pay for your equipment in monthly installments, call us today!

Call 855-446-5970 or

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Have questions for a Homelife Advisor?  Call 855-446-5970

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