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ACP Terms and Conditions
  • Your application for the FCC’s ACP will be submitted electronically to the program’s administrator and must be accepted without error to be successfully enrolled in the program. 
  • ACP is a federal discount program, not a free Internet service program, and, while enrolled, you will be responsible for the billed rate for Internet service and Internet equipment rental fees, if any, minus the maximum applicable ACP discount, plus any charges associated with extra Internet data and non-Internet services ordered from Cox, and any associated taxes. If you incur past due charges for Internet service or equipment, Cox may automatically change you to a service plan with a rate less than $30 or disconnect you for non-payment after 90 days.
  • If currently enrolled in ACP with another provider, by enrolling in ACP with Cox you will be transferring your ACP benefit from your current provider to Cox, will no longer receive an ACP discount from your current ACP provider and may be subject to undiscounted rates with your current ACP provider if you do not cancel service with that provider.  You can only transfer ACP providers once per month, with limited exceptions for improper transfers, if your provider has gone out of business or you move to an area not served by your provider, and if your provider has violated an ACP rule that impacts your service. 
  • You can only receive one ACP discount per household from one provider per month. If the administrator of the ACP (Universal Service Administrative Company - USAC) notifies Cox that you have not complied with this rule, Cox may bill you for a previously provided ACP discount that cannot be reimbursed by the program.
  • You can receive ACP-discounted internet service from any participating provider.
  • ACP discounts can be applied to any generally available Internet service tier.  If you subscribe to prepaid Internet service, you must pay for the first month of pre-paid service in full before your ACP-discount will be applied to subsequent months of pre-paid service.
  • Cox will send ACP-related notices via email and/or within the Cox MyAccount portal.
  • ACP requires customers who pay nothing for Internet service after application of the program discounts to use their Internet service.  You will not receive your ACP discount for any month that you do not use your Internet service (although you will still be billed for such service). You also can be de-enrolled from ACP for failing to use your fully subsidized Internet service.
  • If offered by Cox and you choose to obtain an ACP discount for a computer, you agree to share your personally identifiable information with PCs for People, the third-party company partnering with Cox to provide discounted computers.
  • You agree to share the personally identifiable information required to process your monthly ACP discount and any ACP computer discount with USAC.
  • If you subscribe to Cox Internet service, you agree to continue your Cox Internet service at the regularly billed rates plus taxes and fees if you are de-enrolled from ACP, if you transfer your ACP benefit to another provider, or after the ACP ends and there are no more ACP discounts, and that such services will be governed by Cox’s Residential Customer Service Agreement (or Straight Up Internet Customer Service Agreement),  Acceptable Use Policy, and term commitment agreement, if applicable. You can cancel your Cox Internet service, for which you received an ACP discount, at any time without an early termination fee.
  • Failure by ACP participants to re-certify eligibility for ACP on an annual basis will result in de-enrollment from the program.
  • ACP is a long-term program, which has received over $14 billion by the federal government. If and when the FCC announces the end of ACP, Cox will notify you in a prompt manner via email and/or within the Cox MyAccount portal.
  • If you have complaints about ACP discounts provided by Cox, you may file them with the FCC’s Consumer Complaints Center.
  • v5.0

By clicking to continue to ID.me you are leaving the Cox website and will be redirected to the ID.me website to confirm your identity and qualification for the Affordable Connectivity Program. The information you provide to ID.me is governed by the ID.me terms and conditions and privacy policy, and ID.me will share your personal information with Cox Communications in connection with the ACP. By applying, you expressly consent to ID.me sharing your personal information with Cox and to the ACP policies listed above.