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Staying connected

Strong service, even in strong weather

Cox is here to help you stay connected with loved ones.

Winter storm and your Cox services

Network update

Our network has not received any major damages due to the storm. Our teams continue to monitor and will quickly address any issues that may arise.  


Cox Solution Stores

Our Cox Solution Stores will close as determined necessary and these decisions will usually be made day of so please check before you head our way.


In case of a power outage

Even if Cox’s network is working, if the power is off, you’ll have limited access to your Cox services.


Cox services available during a power outage

To help keep you up to date, you can get the latest news, weather and entertainment by downloading the Contour app on a mobile device. To watch in the Contour app, choose Live TV from the side menu and select TV Go Channels to see over 130 channels that are available to watch both in your home and away. Visit watchtv.cox.com for more information on your viewing options.


If you have Cox Voice service, sign in to My Account to use Voice Tools and set Simultaneous Ring to receive your home phone calls on your cell phone or to check your voicemail.


Your Cox Homelife Security system will work with limited function; find out more about the available functions here. In the case of power loss, Homelife Security can contact help, if needed, for up to 24 hours over battery backup.


When power returns

If your services don’t return with the power, first reboot your equipment. The easiest way to reboot your equipment is with the Cox app. Once you’ve downloaded and signed into the Cox app with your Cox User ID and password, from the home page you’ll see options to reset equipment.


If you’re having any issues with your services, you can also check the Cox app for any updates on outages in your neighborhood.


If there are no known outages, please contact us either through the app, via www.cox.com/chat or call us at  (877) 556-7815



It is possible to power your Cox services with a generator, if there has not been network damage in your area. Despite power outages, our technical staff has tested the use of a generator to reconnect to services:


  1. First, simply plug the power cord to your computer, television, digital converter and modem into the generator.
  2. Connect your computer’s cable to your modem. If you have Cox Voice, you would do the same with the phone cable.
  3. If the cable lines to your home and neighborhood are intact, your services should be active.

Our number one priority is the safety of our employees and our customers. Due to this storm we are working to minimize our team’s exposure to the severe weather. If we need to reschedule, we’ll be in contact. If you would like to reschedule you can chat with us in the Cox app or at www.cox.com/chat or give us a call at (877) 556-7815.  

Cox Business continues to work around the clock to restore services to commercial customers. Cox Business will support its customers based on the status of their individual business operations. If a business facility is currently uninhabitable or was without services for an extended period of time, please call (855) 452-9062 to discuss account options. Or visit www.myaccount.coxbusiness.com to report and track a persistent service issue.