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3 Ways To Improve Your Video Conferencing Presence

August 23, 2018

Make a solid impression the next time you hold a video conference.  


In-person video conferencing has become more and more prevalent. Whether you’re getting interviewed, giving a presentation to your team that’s spread all over the country, or talking to a client across seas, the impression you leave on this real-time communication platform matters. Here are 3 ways to improve your presence over video conferencing 

Create an ideal setting

Treat your video conference as you would a real meeting and set it up in an area that has the least distractions. Remember that those on the other end aren’t only seeing you but also seeing whatever is included in the video frame. Remove any clutter around or behind you and look to see that the wall in the background is presentable, ideally free of distracting décor. Additionally, you’ll want to set up shop in place away from outside noises that could interrupt the meeting.  

Look professional

There are three major aspects to looking professional on camera: lighting, angles and personal appearance. Overhead lighting can cause unflattering shadows. Opt for soft light sources placed behind the webcam and behind yourself. As for angles, adjust the web cam so that the lens is at eye level. This will give a sense that you’re making direct eye contact with those on the other side. Last, treat this as an in-person meeting to exude the most professionalism. A well-groomed appearance and dressing to impress is a safe bet for video conferencing.  

Prep for smooth delivery

As with any meeting, preparation is key, and it can certainly help your video conference go smoothly. Boot up any presentations that you might screen share prior to the meeting and also make sure you have a reliable internet connection. Prior to the meeting, make sure you’re in an area where internet is up and running at maximum speed. When speaking, project with confidence. Jotting down main points before hand can help keep you focused on delivering the message. 

Give off your best impression the next time you jump on a video conference. With the right setup, professional appearance and proper preparation for delivery, you can improve your presence and successfully master a video meeting.  


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