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5 Trends to Watch at CES 2020

January 05, 2020

Interested in the latest tech trends? Here's a sneak-peek of what's coming to CES in 2020.

Every January, the top minds in technology come together in Vegas to unveil their latest gadgets and devices. CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Show) is slated to begin on January 7, and this year's wide variety of topics will include robotics and machinery intelligence, 5G and the Internet of Things, home and family, immersive entertainment, automotive tech and much more. 

With a stellar lineup of exhibitors showcasing their latest innovations, everyone's buzzing about what to expect at this year's event. Luckily, we've got the inside scoop. Here are five trends to look out for at CES 2020.

Driving Innovations

With 83% of Americans driving a personal vehicle at least several times per week, advances in the automotive industry have the potential to impact a lot of people. It's no wonder CES is featuring a slew of automotive safety innovations, like Continental's revolutionary transparent hood, which uses a series of cameras to display obstacles to the driver that would otherwise be hidden from view. We'll also see advances in self-driving automobiles, such as parking assistance, collision avoidance, and LiDAR sensors(radars with lasers), which help to identify hazards.

Next-Gen Cell and HD Tech

In 2010, 4G revolutionized broadband cellular technology with faster download speeds, better coverage and higher throughput than its 3G predecessor. Now the next generation of cell technology is coming out—5G, and it's not just phones that are getting a makeover. One hundred times faster and more efficient than 4G, 5G has been developed to power everything from smart refrigerators to dog tracking collars. 8K TV is also right around the corner, with several major companies like Samsung planning to showcase 8K screens at the event. With sixteen times the resolution of HD, 8K is so detailed that it's best appreciated on very large screens.

Smarter Smart Vacuums

Ten years ago, it may have been hard to imagine a shoebox-sized robot roaming merrily about your home as it cleans your floor. Now, not only are robotic vacuums relatively commonplace, but they're getting even smarter and more affordable. Rumor has it that the next line of robot vacs may very well feature security cameras to help navigate obstacles throughout the home, making them more autonomous and efficient than ever before.

Real-Life Telekinesis

One of the most anticipated products at this year's event is no doubt NextMind's wearable brain-sensing device. That's right, this Paris-based neurotech startup has developed a non-invasive brain-sensing wearable that allows its user to control devices with his or her mind. Seriously. The potential practical applications are astounding, and include operating computers with your mind, creating mobility options for people with injuries and physical limitations and much, much more.

Smart Home Safety

Smart Home tech is all the rage right now, which makes sense — now, you can customize the systems and devices throughout your home for maximum convenience and efficiency. Some companies have already started integrating such technologies into their products, like Cox. The Cox Homelife System allows you to control your thermostat, door locks and lights with the sound of your voice. You can even operate small appliances remotely using the Smart Plug from Cox Homelife. This trend will continue at CES 2020 with innovations like touch-activated door locks and multi-functional LED lamps that can charge your phone or play music.

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