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There's A New Generation of Smart

July 15, 2021

Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X and Boomers have "A Whole Lotta Love” for smart tech


We're always talking about people using smart home technologies, but if you thought it was mostly Gen Z and Millennials with all the latest smart home tech, you may be surprised that Gen X and Boomers aren’t sitting on the sidelines. Earlier this year, we did research to find out how our time at home over the past year has changed the way we’ve all embraced smart devices at home. And obviously this all makes Cox Internet and Panoramic Wifi one of the most important features of a home.


So why is everyone getting smart? More than 90% of people said being home more this past year has influenced their purchasing decisions and more than 40% said they bought new smart home technology because of the pandemic to make their home life smarter.


Technologies like voice assistants were most popular, with 70% of respondents revealing they currently have one in their homes. Other devices that have become a household staple include smart entertainment (49%), smart home surveillance (36%) and smart lighting (32%).


Fifty-three percent of respondents say they’re bringing more smart devices into their homes to make life easier. All generations, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, find the technology easy to navigate. With Cox’s Panoramic Wifi, customers receive free advanced security that helps protect all their connected devices and sends real-time alerts.


There’s a whole new generation of homebodies – and Cox Internet is supporting the new lifestyle of this generation.


Check out the infographic with insights from Boomers to Gen Z.

Cox Smart Home Infographic

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