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CONVERGE | Technology

How to Talk to Your Senior Loved Ones About Staying Safe At Home

July 31, 2018

Here are some tips to help you talk to your senior loved ones about using a medical alert system and how it can provide the independence and protection they deserve.


By: Rob Frappier 

As the Baby Boomer generation ages into their 60s, 70s and beyond, it is more important than ever for families to talk with their senior loved ones about ways they can preserve their independence and quality of life as they grow older. But this isn’t always an easy conversation to have, for both the senior or their family caregiver.

For younger adults, taking on the responsibility of caring for their aging parents or other senior loved ones can be a shock, especially if they also have children. Likewise, the role reversal of becoming reliant on your children after a lifetime of caring for them can be difficult for senior parents to accept. That’s why it’s essential to navigate this conversation with sensitivity and respect for both parties.

While the answer will vary depending on everyone’s situation, one of the most common solutions is to consider a medical alert system like Homelife Care from Cox.

Below are some tips to help you talk to your senior loved ones about how medical alert systems like Cox Homelife Care can help provide them with the independence they deserve while ensuring the peace of mind that they’re protected.

Explain How It Can Help Them Stay In Their Home

The most difficult thing for aging seniors to accept is losing their sense of independence, which is why many resist the idea of assisted care facilities. The advantage of a medical alert system is that it’s designed so that seniors can remain in their home safely, for much longer. Being able to maintain their independent lifestyle while also being secure in the event of an emergency ensures the best of both worlds.

Explain How Rapid Response Can Save Lives

According to the CDC, accidental falls are the leading cause of injury in older Americans. Every year, one in three seniors suffers a fall due to lack of balance or medical issues, and those that don’t receive immediate care can face dire consequences. Having a medical alert system is one of the most effective ways to ensure that, should a fall occur, your loved one will get help as soon as possible.

In addition to using a medical alert system , there are practical steps you can take with your loved one to avoid falls, including addressing potential hazards in the home (rugs, slippery stairs, etc.) and installing safety bars in bathrooms.

Explain How the Cost is Affordable

Sadly, one of the most common issues preventing seniors from considering any kind of assisted living support is cost. Fortunately, implementing a medical alert system can be extremely cost-effective. Sit down with your loved one and compare the monthly cost of a medical alert system with nearby retirement homes, independent living facilities and assisted care locations. The difference in cost can extremely eye-opening and may help break down their preconceptions about affordability.

Explain How Easy it is to Use

Medical alert system technology has evolved significantly over the years, but that doesn’t mean it’s gotten more complicated. In fact, advances in technology have actually made them more modern and convenient than ever. For example, many features can be activated just by talking. Because most of the features on a medical alert system are automated, so they’re not disruptive to their life at all.

Additionally, you should explain that professionals will help set up the medical alert system in person so that your loved one can understand the technology and have all their questions answered before the system is turned on.

Explain How Unobtrusive They Are

No matter how old we get, how we look to others is still extremely important. That’s why it’s important to talk directly about the design of the device with your loved ones. Along with becoming more user-friendly, one of the benefits of the evolution of medical alert system technology is how much more attractive and discreet they are. Many seniors may have bad memories of large, clunky devices that make them stand out or feel embarrassed. However, modern technology enabled the designs of these systems to be completely unobtrusive.

Whatever decision you reach with your loved one, taking the time to talk to them about their options is critical. A cost-effective medical alert system, like Cox Homelife Care, may be the ideal solution to help them preserve their independence, security and quality of life while providing you with the peace of mind that they’re protected.

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