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Taking Your Home to the Next Level During the Holidays

July 05, 2018

Planning on traveling away from home during the holiday season? If you want to make sure you stay in the know about your home while away, monitoring your house using a security system originally designed in the ’80s doesn’t cut it anymore. The new frontier of connected products, smart appliances and smarthomes have revolutionized how people interact with their homes. To enjoy a truly peaceful holiday season, learning how to take full control of your home — even when you’re not at home — pays off in peace of mind. Here are some ways to manage your home with Cox Homelife while you’re out celebrating the best time of the year.

1. Keep your eyes out

Want to know exactly what’s happening in and around your home when you’re spreading glad tidings? Get real-time updates from your in-home camera. Cox’s Homelife packages help customers take control of their pads, especially while they’re traveling during the holidays. Real-time, high-definition video leave no doubts in your mind about what’s happening in your home when you’re away, even if it’s just the pet-sitter making sure that your precious fur baby has a fun holiday season. Not always near your device and need to see what’s happened in your home the previous day? Add the option of 24-Hour Continuous Video Recording to your Cox Homelife package to ensure that you never miss a moment, even when you’re out a-wassailing.

2. Keep your home safe from outdoor and indoor threats

Security monitoring with window, door and motion sensors comes standard when you have a Homelife package, so there’s no need to stop the holiday celebrations to think about security just because you’re not home. Forget whether you locked the front door when you left? Lock or unlock your doors from afar using the Homelife mobile app. Not sure whether you left the stove on after you finished up the holiday baking? View your kitchen via camera feed and then double-check the smoke and heat monitoring feature for good measure. You can even monitor your home’s carbon monoxide levels for your own peace of mind. All these features and more are available at your fingertips while you’re on the go using the app, so there’s no need to ever put the festivities on pause.

3. Stay in the present (even when you’re opening presents).

There’s no need to stare incessantly at your app in order to remain in the know about your home. Create real-time text message or email alerts to ensure that you’ll always know what’s happening back home.

4. Personalize your pad.

The holiday season should be a time to decompress and enjoy the moments that matter, not a time to stress about things going on at home. Want to make sure you’re mindful of the energy your home is consuming while you’re away (both for the earth and your wallet’s sake)? You can choose to shut off your lights or thermostat using the Cox Homelife app.

Want to come back to coziness? Using the Homelife app, dim your lights and warm up the house with a thermostat adjustment before you return so that you always come back to a calm atmosphere — whether you’re gone a few hours, a few weeks or a few months. Smart-LED lightbulbs and smartplugs for your small appliances ensure that you will always be in control when it comes to the most important place on earth – home.

The holidays have the potential to be stress-free—and Homelife can help. Learn how to schedule a free personal consultation to learn more about your best options for home security and automation today.

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