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CONVERGE | Technology

Take Command of Your Life with Your Voice! We’ll Show You How

January 08, 2019

Being vocal about what you want may have never gotten you this far… until now.

Whether it’s sharing your story or simply speaking up for what you want, it always feels nice to be heard. But with so much noise going on, there’s not always someone on the receiving end to listen.  


Enter the era of voice-controlled devices.  


With big players like Alexa, Siri and Google Home becoming more popular than ever, more and more voice-controlled devices are on the rise. Being able to tell someone (or in this case something) what to do, and having it listen to you can be empowering. Here’s how your favorite voice-control technology works and the different ways it can let you take command of your life by simply using your voice.   


Say, What? How Does a Voice-Controlled Device Work?  


Voice-controlled devices use speech recognition technology to connect humans and machines. When a command is given by a human voice, the computer within the device then processes this information and creates a fitting output in the form of an answer or action. You can find the technology in cars, on smartphones, in digital assistants, household appliances and entertainment systems.  


Voice-Command Technology at Your Service  


While you’ve likely used popular voice-command technology such as asking Siri a question or telling Alexa to turn on your TV, there are many other products that have come to market that are making life a little easier.  


The day has come where the remote control can truly live up to its name. With the Contour TV Voice Remote from Coxyou can easily find shows, movies and other entertainment by speaking into itEasily activated with the push of a button, it can also provide a customized entertainment experience. For example, you can get movie recommendations by asking, “show me more like (fill in the blank with your favorite movie).”  


But this technology doesn’t just end with the voice remote. 


If you’ve ever woken up to an alarm clock blaring across the room, you can now use your voice to take control of your wakeup call and ease your transition from slumber. With a smart alarm, you no longer have to manually set it, snooze it or turn it off. Additionally, you can start your morning on the right foot by asking the voice-command device what the weather is and any news that you can carry with you to share with others throughout the day.  


Speech recognition technology is also beginning to make daily activities like household chores less daunting. Voice-command, robot vacuum cleaners are here to serve you and help you get the job done. You can activate a vacuum cleaner with your voice and it’s off and running, cleaning all the hard surfaces and carpets around your house. Ones like the LG HOM-BOT have virtual walls that keep it in desired boundaries and can run different types of jobs including spot cleaning in heavily soiled areas.  


And outside the home, voice-controlled devices can assist in places like your car. With the excessive use of smartphones, finding a hands-free solution while driving is more relevant than ever. The Plantronics K100 Bluetooth Speakerphone is a voice-command speakerphone that clips onto your car’s visor. You can start your GPS or stream music without having to peruse through your apps, thus enabling a safer ride.  


Using your voice can make your life easier and voice-command technology is the gateway to taking control of your life. From home automation products that listen to you, to entertainment devices that play what you want, you can take a step in the right direction with a simple voice command.  


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