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Stories to Stay Inspired: #CoronaKindness

March 23, 2020

Inspirational stories of people helping people.

It's all happening — the novel Coronavirus is causing unprecedented disruptions to our daily routines. As a result, many businesses are having to temporarily shut down, employees are being asked to stay home from work and kids are being sent home from school. People around the country are choosing to self-quarantine, leaving millions of people isolated in their homes. Luckily, it's easier than ever to connect through technology, and many are turning to social media as a means to boost morale, spread joy, or even start a movement. Here are some of our favorite #CoronaKindness moments.

The Kids Are at Home

With sudden school closures, many parents are finding themselves struggling to provide structure and activities for their kids during the week. Thankfully, @kristindawnmejia of Los Angeles posted helpful tips on how to implement a routine during this unexpected time. For families who depend on schools to feed their children, The Dream Center is here to help — they're offering free meals to students of Los Angeles Unified Public School District. @lausdteachersonstrike also points to free educational sites so kids can continue their education while at home.

Good Deeds in Bad Times

Sometimes a bad situation can bring out the best in people. The NBA may have suspended its season, but New Orleans player Zion Williaagreed to pay the salaries of all the employees of the Smoothie King Center in his home team arena. In France, the conglomerate LVMH is using its Dior and Givenchy perfume factories to make free sanitizer for healthcare workers. But even a small act of kindness can make a big difference — that's why @tinykindnesses in Spanish Fork, Utah, has been posting inspirational stories, like the one about a substitute teacher who got a random Venmo from a friend, giving her the means to buy groceries for the week.

Keep on Moving

In times of isolation, it's easy to forego physical activity, but it's never been more important to keep moving. In one uplifting post, @mommydearestinc reposted a video of a fitness instructor in Spain teaching a class from a rooftop for all those nearby in isolated apartments. Many people in the wellness community are stepping up and providing free programming, like @j.a.y.m.i.c.u.e in Bristol, England, who is offering free yoga classes online. On the flip side, many gyms and studios are having to temporarily close their doors due to the pandemic, so if you have the means, consider buying digital classes to help boost their sales. Not only will you be supporting a local business, but you can practice at a chic boutique studio, like LA's Love Yoga, from the comfort of your living room!

Starting a Movement

In communities around the world, healthy young individuals are attempting to help their vulnerable neighbors in any way they can. In London, a woman posted a letter in her building offering to run errands for the elderly or disabled. In Brooklyn, N.Y., people are putting up signs offering help to those with compromised health. This type of activity has started to snowball in the best way possible. In a single post on Twitter, @jessica_breslin of Washington, D.C., started a movement of 1,200-plus volunteers, offering to walk dogs, pick up prescriptions or provide whatever service is needed to reduce or eliminate face-to-face contact for those who are most vulnerable. 

Want to join the movement? Check out their Facebook page here. And don't forget to share your inspirational stories using #CoronaKindness!

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