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CONVERGE | Technology

How to Stay Connected While Social Distancing

March 24, 2020

Connecting requires a little creativity nowadays. We're here to help.

In these unprecedented times, social distancing is critical in order to stay well and help keep the people that we love healthy. But there's good news: You can still be social while practicing social distancing. And it doesn't have to mean that you disconnect from the people who matter. Here are ways to stay connected to your loved ones from afar (of course, make sure you have a solid Internet connection):

Watch Movies Across the Miles

Can't watch a movie together in person? Try Metastream or the Netflix Party extension on Chrome, both of which boast the ability to watch a movie in real-time with a friend and include capabilities like chat so you can simulate watching side-by-side.

Gamify It

There are karaoke party apps (like Smule and The Voice) if you want to simulate a fun night out at your favorite karaoke joint. Want to pretend you're in your best friend's living room for game night? Try classic games like Words with Friends and Trivia Crack

Plug into Social Media

Social media may seem like a no-brainer to stay connected to friends and family, but it's can involve so much more than status updates. Try playing games together on Twitch or stream yourself on Instagram Live or Facebook Live to keep your crew up to date.

Tour Museums Together

Invite a friend from afar and check out one of the many museums and galleries that you can visit right from your living room. (No need to bother with admission fees, either.) Prefer an aquatic adventure? Invite a bud to tune into the Monterey Bay's live Jelly Cam to watch the jellyfish float through their day.

 Get Face Time with Loved Ones via FaceTime (or Skype)

Thanks to technology, you don't have to be physically present with your loved ones to show you care. Grab your phone and use FaceTime (for iOS) or Skype (best for Android users) to catch up. Working remotely and needing to check in by video? Try applications like Zoom.

 Donate Your Time

Just because you're practicing social distancing doesn't mean you have to be there in person to volunteer. When you download the app Be My Eyes, you can get connected by video with blind and low-vision people to whom you can offer visual assistance (while they shop, for example). Have photos to share? Use the app Donate a Photo to get $1 per photo for the charity of your choice. 

Remember, there's no need to stress out during your social distancing time — use it instead to get creative about connecting. 

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