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The wifi Pro Tip Masterlist

Does your streamed music keep pausing? Are websites struggling to load? Your router may be to blame. Where you place your router is just as impactful as how you choose to protect it when it comes to speeds. From keeping it in a central location to locking it with a passcode, here are our top tips for maximizing wifi speeds in your home.

Want more tips for maximizing your home wifi performance?

Check out our full wifi optimization guide to get the most from your home wifi network.

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Wall-to-wall whole home coverage and no dead zones.

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Why is my wifi so slow and how would I fix it?

From distant routers to wireless interferences, discover what might be slowing down your wifi and how to help fix it.

What are whole home wifi and mesh networks?

They might be the key to improving your wifi. Learn about whole home wifi and mesh networks.

How to extend wifi range

Near, far, wherever you are, make sure your wifi connection is in range.

Do I have too many devices on my wifi?

With wifi, the limit does exist. Find out if you have too many devices on your network.