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The Scoop on Sony's PlayStation 5

August 12, 2020

Faster speeds, life-like graphics, 8k capabilities...and much more.

Much like Google and Xerox, Playstation has become a household name across generations. Since the release of their very first system in 1994, the Playstation has evolved along with the interests of the users — and that’s exactly what you can expect with the Playstation 5. Think bigger and better than ever before. Here’s everything to know about Sony’s Playstation 5. 


Playstation 5 Release Details 


It’s been seven years since the release of the Playstation 4, so it’s safe to say that Sony has built up plenty of excitement with the release of their newest system. While date and price have yet to be confirmed, Sony has promised it will be this holiday season.


What to Expect


With high-speed SSD, players can enjoy instantaneous load times as well as more life-like graphics thanks to HDR technology. The haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in the DualSense wireless controller mean you can feel every jolt and crash at the tip of your fingers during gameplay. It even has a built-in microphone so you don’t have to worry about putting on your headset before you start. While the upgrades are more than enough to offer an elevated gaming experience, Sony will also be offering new Playstation games that take advantage of the system’s 8K capabilities and allows players with a 4320p resolution display to make the most of their setup.


Competition on the Horizon


While Sony’s Playstation 5 comes with a slew of impressive features, it’s not the only system on the radar. Microsoft is also expected to release the Xbox Series X this holiday season, with an estimated price of around 500 dollars. Much like the Playstation 5, the new Xbox will provide improved boot and load times, more stable frame rates (up to 120FPS) and higher resolutions for images and video. Behind the scenes, the Xbox Series X was designed to provide even temperatures throughout the system with a split motherboard, heat-sink chassis and a vapor chamber. Microsoft has also boasted about the “whisper quiet fan” that will keep the device cool without creating any distractions for the user. While both systems promise many of the same updates, only time will tell whose system is more superior.


Whether you’re looking forward to playing Returnal on a bigger display or gaming without a headset, the Playstation 5 is giving fans a whole lot of incentives for upgrading their system this holiday season. While Sony is promising faster speeds and clearer graphics, make sure your space is set up to make the most of these updates. Run a ping test, purchase an Ethernet cable and make sure your internet provider is providing speeds fast enough to keep up with your game. 

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