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What’s a good ping speed for gaming and how to test it

Ping is directly related to online gaming performance. In fact, a lower ping can be the difference between rising in the leaderboards and falling behind. So, what is a good ping speed for gaming? Here’s everything you should know.

What is a good ping speed?


Less than 20ms

Less than 50ms

Less than 100ms

Less than 150ms

More than 150ms







Ideal for

All Gaming

Competitive Gaming

Gaming With Friends

Casual Gaming

Game Over

Slow Internet Ruining Gaming Performance?​

What is ping in gaming?

During live games, ping helps gamers understand how fast their computer is communicating with a gaming server. When playing an online game, such as Apex Legends, a ping test can help a player determine if they will experience dips in responsiveness during gameplay. In other words, ping speed measures how many milliseconds (ms) it takes for network devices to ‘talk’ to each other.

Ping ranges by genre of game:

  • First-person-shooter (FPS) and racing games: Since timing is vital in FPS and racing games, you should aim for a ping of less than 50ms to stay competitive with other players.

  • Massively multiplayer online (MMO) games: MMO games are one of the only genres where ping can be a little higher without the game becoming unplayable. Some of these games can even be playable up to 250ms or higher. That said, those looking to engage in real time player vs. player (PvP) scenarios should aim for a ping less than 150ms.

  • Real-time strategy (RTS) games: While RTS games are playable just under 200ms, ideally, you should aim for less than 150ms for the best gaming experience without response issues.
Gaming latency leads to fewer FPS

How do I test my ping?

In-Game Methods:

  • Most online games, especially multiplayer ones, display the ping or latency somewhere on the screen. It's usually in a corner or in the game's settings or scoreboard.​

  • For PC games, sometimes pressing a specific key (like Tab in many first-person shooters) will show the score and player list along with ping times.​


Console Commands:

  • For PlayStation: In the main system settings, go to "Network", then "Test Internet Connection". This will give you a basic overview of your connection stats.​

  • For Xbox: Go to "Settings", then "General", "Network settings", and then "Test multiplayer connection". After the test, press all four shoulder buttons simultaneously, and a detailed status report will appear with your ping.​

Game Launchers: Platforms like Steam or Epic Games often have built-in tools or display network stats, including ping, when you're in a game.  


Fixing high ping and increasing network performance for gaming

Optimize network settings​

  • Ensure router firmware is updated​

  • Use a wired connection (Ethernet) if possible​

  • Minimize firewall settings for the gaming session​

  • Relocate router to a more centralized location and keep the router from being blocked by walls or large objects​

  • Ensure your internet is fast enough for online gaming​

Adjust computer software settings​

  • Reduce graphic settings​

  • Close background applications or processes for increased bandwidth​

  • Defrag your hard drive for more storage space and faster recall speeds​


Upgrade your hardware​

  • Upgrade your RAM to increase your PC's processing memory​

  • Upgrade your GPU (graphics card) for enhanced rendering​

  • Ensure your PC meets the minimum hardware requirements​

  • Use a router less than 3 years old

Test Your download & upload speeds

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