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CONVERGE | Technology

Make Family Vacation a Learning Adventure

May 20, 2019

Use your voice remote as a vacation planner and make the most of your next trip.

Every vacation we go on, we like to think of as a learning opportunity (much to the chagrin of our kids). Isn't vacation supposed to be for fun? It definitely is when your "homework" involves learning more about a new place, its food, culture and landmarks. Thanks to the internet, there is boundless information about every place imaginable, but using your TV makes researching even more fun.

We recently embarked on a trip down the California coast and assigned homework to each of our three children to discover something about the state or uncover something they wanted to do. Rather than just Googling, we mixed things up and turned to the TV for assistance. The plethora of content available on Cox, with the ease of the Contour Voice Remote, makes it super easy for any family to get started.

As a sports buff, my eldest wanted to learn more about the Los Angeles Lakers. A voice search turned up the team, of course, and the corresponding sports app showed him everything he wanted to know. Team stats, player stats and game schedule, which also showed that they were away during our time in LA. Even though we didn't get to see the Lakers in action, we drove by the Staples Center and got a glimpse of where this famous LA team rules the roost.

My daughter was interested in exploring the southern portion of our trip – Orange County. The direct voice command didn't turn up much, aside from the show, The Real Housewives of Orange County. Passing on that as an appropriate (or realistic) glimpse of the area, we then opted to research the food. One of her favorite shows, Man vs. Food, coincidentally had a show at a deli in Orange County where the host tackles a 3 lb. burger with spicy chilies in less than 30 minutes. We weren't able to squeeze a trip into our busy itinerary but enjoyed watching him stuff his face there, nonetheless.

Finally, my youngest was interested in all things Disney. You can imagine the volume of content when saying this word into the remote. Upon additional external research, we were excited to find The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. The strategy was to load up on Disney movies and then see how those movies were made. Success! The whole family learned about the incredible life of Walt Disney and his vision for creating the happiest place on Earth. We certainly know much more about animation than ever before.

Thanks to pre-trip homework with the Cox voice remote and a little creativity, any vacation can turn into a wonderful learning adventure for every traveler.

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