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Larry’s Story: “Seize the Day”

September 05, 2019

See how one grandparent turns loss into connection.


Larry has been coping with the loss of his wife, Pat, after a long and difficult battle with dementia. Because of that battle, she had many stories and memories to share that sadly, she never had the opportunity to share.


In honor of his wife, and his life, Larry turns to social media to connect with his granddaughter Jessica over his most precious stories - stories about Pat. About how they met, fell in love, and got engaged in just a couple of weeks, before Larry shipped off to serve his country in Laos during the Korean War. There for nine months, he wrote many love letters, which he still has to this day.


Along the way, Larry will learn that Jessica is as caring and strong as his wife, and realize that Pat lives on in his granddaughter, in their stories and in their new found connection to one another.



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