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CONVERGE | Technology

Expecting a Refund? Improve Your Home Theater Experience with These Upgrades

April 16, 2019

Here are some of our favorite budget-friendly home entertainment upgrades.

Many of us drag our feet when it comes to taxes, but for a lucky few, receiving a tax return can feel like winning a mini-lottery. This year, American taxpayers are expected to see an average tax refund of $1,950. If you find yourself with a little extra fun money this year, why not spend it on something you can enjoy for many years to come? Use your tax refund to upgrade your home theater experience with these 5 budget-friendly technology trends.

Hear the Difference with Surround Sound 

Surround sound can transport you from your living room to the places on your television screen by immersing you in crystal clear sound. Feel the sounds of the stadium when you watch your favorite game on TVthe music in your ears as you stream a live concert and the suspense in the room as you watch a horror film when you incorporate surround sound to your home entertainment system. Get the full movie theater experience without leaving the comfort of your home for less than $700.  

The Power of an Audio Receiver  

What’s better than surround sound? Surround sound with an audio receiver. Audio receivers are designed to be the heart of a home theater performing a number of essential functions. Audio receivers come with multiple channel capabilities allowing it to amplify your surround sound by powering your speakers. They are made to please both the movie and music lover – switching between audio and video components. Most quality audio receivers will go between $200-$600 dollars. Hear the difference for only a small portion of your tax refund.   

Hear the Bass with a Subwoofer 

If you want the full-blown home theater experience you’ll need more than just a left and right speakerIt’s all about that bass with a subwooferBring out the richness and depth of any movie soundtrack when you add this power speaker to your entertainment system. This piece of equipment highlights the lower frequencies or bass in sound, so you’re not missing out on a single note. There are a variety of subwoofers to choose from depending on the quality, type and power you are looking for. The cost will depend on preference as well, but on average expect to pay around $300.  

Hide the Cords with a Power Bridge 

The quickest way to get that movie theater-feel is to mount your television on the wall, but having a bunch of cords visible can take away from the aesthetic of the room. Multiple chords are an issue. They can pile up, get entangled and become a tripping hazard. Keep things off the floor and tidy with a PowerBridgeInstalling PowerBridge is a quick do-it-yourself project that will easily improve the look and feel of your home movie theater for less than $100After you install one, the only thing you will be able to see is how great your TV looks up on the wall. 

Upgrade Your Television  

If it’s been a few years since you bought a new television, it’s time for an upgrade. With technology and quality improving every year, sticking to your old model could be dulling your home entertainment experience. Every year new models are bigger, better and sometimes evecheaper than in the past. Go big, and purchase a 60+ inch screen to really feel like you’re sitting in a movie theaterAnd with a tax refund on the way, there is no better way to invest your money than in a state-of-the-art home theater the whole family can enjoy.  

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