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Why Gigabit Internet Speeds are Worth the Upgrade

June 25, 2018

Find out how fast gigabit internet is and how it can amplify your life.


A common internet user is working with a 10 megabit per second (Mbps) bandwidth connection. Gigabit internet is literally 100 times faster, which translates to one of the best options for households streaming multiple services at once, playing graphic-intensive video games or servicing several devices on a single home network.

Gigabit Connection Lets You Multi-Task

Picture this – you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed on your phone while simultaneously streaming Netflix and surfing Amazon Prime on your laptop—sound familiar? Think about how you use the internet in your daily life. It’s pretty easy to use multiple devices at once or at least have multiple apps open at the same time. In fact, it’s becoming the norm. Bandwidth needs are exponentially growing as new apps and connected devices continue to be introduced to our day-to-day routine. And gigabit internet is moving with this pace in order to support the rapid advancements in technology and internet use.

Gig Speed Internet Can Help Increase Work Productivity

When it comes to your job, having gigabit speed internet can be a total game changer. Working remotely from home has become more and more popular because of the ability to connect, send and share communications and documents in real time. Whether you’re a graphic designer, photographer, DJ or marketing director, download and connection speed matters. Sometimes you can’t afford to wait for giant files to upload or download. That’s where gigabit internet can really help you do your job. To put speed in perspective, it takes only three seconds to download 100 tunes and 16 seconds to download 1,000 photos. So, when you need to download and present a major sales pitch to a client, edit high-resolution images with a quick-turnaround, or throw together a mix for the club gig, gigabit internet can help to ensure production does not lag.

Gigabit Internet Amplifies Entertainment

Outside of work, gigabit internet comes ready to play as well. With the rising popularity of online gaming and virtual reality on mobile devices, gigabit internet speed is enabling these games to be played as they were intended – where your experience is immersive, smooth and highly entertaining. To add, one video game takes only three minutes to download on gigabit. For movie fans, entertainment gets a boost with gigabit internet as well. You can download 10 high-definition movies in just seven minutes.

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