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Gifts for Seniors: Electronics That Don't Look Like Tech

December 12, 2019

Perfect for your senior loved ones!

In 1984 only 8% of households had computers; now, people walk around with lightening-fast touchscreens in their pockets. It's no wonder so many senior adults find tech-savvy gadgets overwhelming or unnecessary; they've seen a lot of change! Unfortunately, this can make gift-giving a bit more challenging. But don't worry — technology has come so far that some electronic gifts don't even look like tech. Here are six great gift ideas for the senior in your life who's not big on technology.

Charging Bracelet

This beautiful, lightweight stainless steel bracelet comes in four finishes, and can be laser-engraved for a personalized touch. Oh, and did we mention it will charge your iPhone? That's right — this gorgeous piece of jewelry can fully charge your phone in just 90 minutes. Who could ask for anything more?

Digital Picture Frame

It's hard to live far away from your loved ones. Sending a framed family photo is a wonderful way to show you care, but why send only one picture? A digital picture frame looks just like its non-techy counterpart, but you can upload dozens of images and videos to boot. With a built-in clock, a calendar, remote control and more, this is an all-in-one gift that's as easy to love as it is to use. 

Homelife Care Emergency Pendant Necklace

According to a recent AARP study, 90% of seniors prefer to stay in their own homes as they age. This can be wonderfully liberating, but it's also important to make sure that older individuals remain safe. That's why the Homelife Automatic Fall Detection Pendant makes such a wonderful gift. Lightweight and comfortable with a water-resistant design, this pendant gives your senior loved ones immediate access to professional help, giving you peace of mind. 

Wireless Tracker

Losing your phone, keys or wallet can be incredibly frustrating at any age. The Tile App provides a great solution: a small, sleek tracking device, the Tile clips onto your keys or slips into your wallet and uses Bluetooth technology to help you locate your personal items. Conversely, you can press the Tile button to find your phone. Win-win!

Companion Pet

Yes, we're actually suggesting that you gift your senior loved one a pet. But there's no housebreaking or vet bills associated with these lovable furballs; Joy For All's Robotic Pets were designed with older adults in mind. With detectable heartbeats, built-in touch sensors and voice response BARKBACK technology, these adorable creatures have been proven to provide comfort and companionship to senior citizens. 

Long Distance Lamp

These beautiful colored Friendship Lamps do well to light up any room, but there's a secret: when you illuminate one with the touch of your hand, its mate lights up somewhere else! Purchase two or more of these lanterns and give them to loved ones who live near or far. Easy to sync using WiFi, these lamps are a creative way to let your friends and family know when you're thinking of them.

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