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The Importance of Staying Connected

February 24, 2022

Connectivity enhances life for everyone under your roof

There's no shortage of devices for us to use for connectivity: computers, tablets, phones, smart refrigerators — the sky's the limit. But why does internet access matter for you and your family?

Every year learning incorporates more technology, and many students have homework assignments they turn in online instead of in class. Some projects and papers require research through online libraries and encyclopedias, and those can't always be completed during class hours. We're passionate about connecting students to valuable educational resources in partnership with Superbowl champion, Malcom Mitchell. For digital literacy learning fit for students, parents and even grandparents, check out the Digital Academy.

The isolation we faced during the last couple of years meant a boom in popularity for virtual personal events from game nights to weddings. When you're apart from those you love, technology can be a source of connection to the ones you care about most. Staying close with family and friends is easier than ever over platforms like Zoom where you can catch up with the closest substitute for face-to-face interaction, no matter if you're separated by a state or a continent. If you're looking to meet new friends or even that special someone, speed networking, friendship and dating events all happen over video chat. Social media makes it easy to check in on loved ones anytime it's convenient by scrolling through their latest statuses, photos and videos. 

News and Entertainment
Sites like YouTube and streaming services make it simple to find low and no-cost shows and movies to turn your couch into a relaxation station or the hub of your party when it's your turn to host movie night. Whether local or international, keeping current with online news articles or even listening to podcasts from trustworthy sources means you'll have the best information when making decisions for your family and understanding what's happening in your town.

How to Get the Best Internet for You
There are plenty of options to connect at a price that's right for your budget. If you don't want a deposit, term agreement or credit check, Straight Up Internet might be what you're looking for. If your family meets certain requirements, you could qualify for Connect 2 Compete, Connect Assist or the Affordable Connectivity Program. Check out these options and your eligibility on our page for low cost internet options.

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