Take Charge! of Your Digital Life

Take charge! is a community outreach campaign developed by Cox Communications that encourages safe and healthy behavior in today's digital world. Take Charge! provides valuable tools and information that empowers parent and caregivers to protect loved ones while getting the most out of their technology.

Cox in the Community

Cox is reducing greenhouse gas emissions in all of its locations by utilizing efficient heating and cooling systems, green energy sources, hybrid fleet vehicles, and more.

Internet Safety
Survey Overview

Every year Cox Communications and the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) surveys teens and tweens to reveal the latest trends regarding their Internet use.

Safety Tools and Tips

Parents and caregivers can use technology to their advantage. You can use these tips and tools to Take Charge! of your TV, Internet connection and home security.

Cox Complete Care

Want parental controls and other safety features, but feel overwhelmed at the thought of downloading and customizing the security software? We're here to help.