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Prospective Supplier Overview

Cox Communications values relationships with suppliers as a strategic component of our business. We are constantly seeking ways to optimize the customer experience and maximize value. With those goals in mind, Cox has centralized Strategic Sourcing & Procurement within the Supply Chain Management organization.

As our suppliers are critical links in the supply chain, prospective suppliers must work with Strategic Sourcing & Procurement prior to engaging Cox business units and/or being on-boarded as an approved supplier. Strategic Sourcing may at that time direct suppliers to other departments for further evaluation and consideration.

The Strategic Sourcing & Procurement team is dedicated to driving the highest total value from its relationships with suppliers and from the products/services Cox buys to run its business. Suppliers are evaluated and selected based on a holistic set of customizable criteria including:

  • Total value of ownership
  • Quality of the product or service provided and ability to meet reliability standards
  • Price
  • Strategic supplier relationship
  • Sustainability of company/relationship
  • Technological capabilities
  • Diversity
  • Compliance with contractual terms and conditions
  • Ability to meet delivery schedules and business SLAs
  • Efficiency in response to Requests for Information
  • Adherence to warranty provisions
  • National footprint /ability to scale

Additionally, Cox values suppliers who strive to become leaders in the fields of social and environmental affairs, quality, efficiency, price and innovation.

Prospective suppliers are encouraged to register with Cox via the Cox Supplier Registration Portal to be considered for new business opportunities. There is no charge to register and all Cox affiliates will be able to search for your business should an opportunity arise. Please note that registration does not qualify your business as an approved supplier to Cox.

Approved Suppliers

When purchasing goods or services, Cox leverages approved suppliers wherever possible. An approved supplier is a third party enterprise operating under a Supply Chain Management contract (master agreement, purchase order, etc.). Approved Suppliers contribute goods or services as part of the Cox supply chain and have met or exceeded the following Cox requirements:

  • Fulfill AP requirements
  • Pass business risk assessment
  • Pass information security risk assessment
  • Execute Cox Master Agreement
  • Agree to adhere to supplier guidelines
  • Provide competitive pricing
  • Provide diversity certification (if applicable)
  • Establish health, safety, sustainability program(s)
  • Meet business structure expectations
  • Meet account team structure expectations

Existing, approved suppliers may contact the Strategic Sourcing & Procurement team via sourcing@cox.com.

Third Party Labor

Cox has engaged ZeroChaos to manage third party labor spend, facilitate labor operations, provide governance and to ensure compliance with related employment laws at Cox.

ZeroChaos uses a web-based software application designed to manage third party labor. The program assists in the classification, sourcing, onboarding, workforce management, financial management/analysis, supplier payments, and risk management/off boarding of third party labor.

Cox leverages ZeroChaos proprietary web application to source and manage contractors, consulting firms, and construction services. Applicable labor supplier participation in the Cox / ZeroChaos third party labor program is mandatory. Resumes received outside of the program will become the property of Cox Communications.

The staff augmentation, professional /consulting services, and construction services approved supplier lists are currently closed to new suppliers. Prospective suppliers are encouraged to register with Cox via the Cox Supplier Registration Portal to be considered for new business opportunities.