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TV screen displaying name and number of caller

TV Caller ID

See who's calling right on your TV screen. You decide to answer or keep watching the big game or your show's finale.

You'll see, on your TV screen, the caller ID name and telephone number of who's calling.

TV Caller ID is a free service available to subscribers of both Cox Digital Telephone and Cox Advanced TV. Your selected phone service must have caller ID.

Order Phone to get free TV Caller ID

reading glasses in front of tablet displaying home voicemail message

Readable Voice Mail

Never miss important voice mails. Get all of the features of voice mail that you love, plus messages left on your home phone are translated and forwarded as email.

Mobile Connect app icon and shown open on tablet

Cox Mobile Connect

The Cox Mobile Connect app makes it easy to manage your Cox services – right from your smartphone or tablet.

Visit the App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices) and download Cox Mobile Connect when you have Cox Digital Telephone.

Home phone with lots of icons for different features

Phone Tools

Manage your phone from anywhere. Our free Phone Tools give you quick and easy online access to...

  • View your voice mail messages as emails with Readable Voice Mail
  • Manage call settings and voice mail
  • View, print and save incoming and outgoing call history (updated every 15 minutes)
  • Control feature settings like call waiting and call forwarding
  • Listen to and manage voice mail messages
  • Set email notification for new voice mail messages

Access to some Phone Tools functions may require additional service features.

Big X over the phone handset

Free Call Blocking

Protect your family, your privacy and your pocketbook by blocking calls and calling features. These free, individual features put you in control of your calls:

  • 900 and 976 blocking – Eliminate surprise charges and prevent outgoing calls.
  • Caller ID blocking (all calls) – Stay anonymous when making calls by removing your caller ID number and name.
  • Caller ID blocking (per call) – Turn off caller ID from outgoing calls on a per-call basis.
  • Long distance blocking – If you don't want long distance charges, block those calls with this feature. You can unblock at any time by dialing set codes.
a piece of paper

Regulatory Details

Cox telecommunications service supplementary information.

See Service Terms & Tariffs

a dollar sign

Phone Pricing

Explore pricing for Cox Digital Telephone packages and options. 

See Phone Pricing

badge with checkmark

Service Protection Plan

Protect the wiring for your Cox services from the unexpected.

View Plan Features

Available only to residential customers in Cox service areas. Prices exclude taxes, surcharges and other fees. Other conditions apply. See Cox Digital Telephone service details.