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CONVERGE | Technology

Young’s Story: Family Recipes

September 13, 2019

Full stomach, full heart.


Su Young emigrated to the U.S. from South Korea in 1995, just a few years before their granddaughter Karen was born. Young is an incredible cook, having learned her recipes and techniques by watching her mother and grandmother before her. 

In this story, Su Young connects with Karen by passing down the family’s Korean culture and heritage through her secret family recipes in a pretty unique way.

Even though she doesn’t speak English and they aren’t written down, Su Young films the making of her most cherished family recipes and publishes them to the one place she knows Karen will see them – social media.  

Through her grandmother's cooking videos, Karen won’t just learn her family recipes. She will understand the importance of, and meaning behind these recipes, and connect with her grandmother like never before. 

In the end, Karen will surprise her grandmother with a special something of her own. Make sure you watch the video above for Karen and Su’s full story.


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