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CONVERGE | Technology

3 Wearable Fitness Trends to Look Out for This Summer

June 29, 2018

What are people wearing this season to maintain those summer bods?


Are you swimsuit-ready for the summer? Trending summer healthcare technology, specifically wearables, can help keep you in shape for all the warm-weather activities you might partake in. Check out the top 3 summer trends in fitness wearables that will keep you looking good in all those Instagrams at the beach.

Wearables for the Water

Being the hottest season for water activities, wearables will be flaunted both at the beach and in the pool. Waterproof wearables that keep your well-being as a top priority include:

  • Fitbit Flex 2: This wearable band is made for swimmers. With a five-day battery life, it can keep track of swim duration, laps, pace and calories burned.
  • Motiv: A stylish, waterproof wearable ring? This alternative to wristband wearables has a built-in heart rate monitor, sleep tracker and step counter along with 3-day battery life, making it ready for your action-packed summer sched.
  • Apple Watch Series 3: Not only does this wearable swim tracker boast an 18-hour battery life but you can blast your summer anthem in the pool thanks to its waterproof speaker.
  • Smart Bikinis. Still need a bikini for summer? Smart bikinis are in this season. The Neviano UV Protect swimsuit collection offers a removable water-proof sensor that prevents users from sun damage by monitoring outdoor temperatures and sending out reminders to apply sunscreen or recommendations on when to get in the shade.

Outdoor-Fitness Wearables

Outdoor activities and adventures, like hiking, biking and running are in full swing.  Here are some summer wearable clothing trends to look out for:

  • Smart Headgear. LifeBEAM’S Smart Hat, Smart Helmet and Smart Visor not only protect from the sun but also track overall fitness progress.
  • Smart Workout Shirts. Exercising to stay trim all swimsuit season long just got easier. Smart shirts for working out like the ones from Hexoskin, track a wearer’s heart rate, breathing rate, acceleration, and calories burned among other workout stats.

Diet-Tracking Wearables

While exercise is a popular focus during summer months, maintaining proper nutrition, both food and hydration is also a trend in summer wearable technology. The GoBe2 smart band, automatically tracks calorie intake to prevent overeating and automatically gauges your water balance, which can be crucial to avoid dehydration in hot summer months.

To fully take advantage of some of the leading wearable technology that’s trending this summer, use their partnering apps that sync up data over WiFi connection. They can help you stay healthy, active and in tune with your body as you enjoy the summer season.


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