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Veterans Day: Honoring Those Who Served

November 10, 2020

From volunteering your time to sharing stories of heroism, here's how to honor those who served.


There’s no greater celebration than one that honors those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. Beginning on November 11, 1919 following the first anniversary of World War I, the U.S. has dedicated the eleventh day of the eleventh month thereafter to commemorating our troops. From those in the Army and Navy to the Marine Corps, Space Force and Coast Guard, here’s how you can celebrate Veterans Day this year.


Attend a Virtual Event


From Huntington Beach, California to Arlington, Virginia, Veterans Day celebrations can be found throughout the nation. Participate in ceremonies, parades, tributes and other events all honoring those who sacrificed their lives to protect others. In light of current events, you’ll also be able to attend these celebrations virtually by watching live TV if you can’t attend in person. 


Share Stories with Loved Ones


All good stories are passed down from generation to generation. Keep the memory of your loved ones alive by sharing their experiences with your kids, friends or coworkers. You can also use this time to elevate the narratives of other veterans on social media or in your community.


Donate to a Veteran’s Organization


Whether it’s 1 cent or $50, any donation can make a difference. Depending on the organization, you may be able to help support a veteran financially in their transition back to everyday life–be it by funding their education, employment or therapy. Some of the most recognized veteran’s organizations include: 


  • Wounded Warrior Project
  • Homes for Our Troops
  • Disabled American Veterans
  • Hope for the Warriors
  • National Military Family Association


Just remember, every penny helps.


Visit a Veteran


Whether it’s a family member, friend or local hero, you can visit a veteran by volunteering at a nearby hospital. Play games, listen to their stories or simply help escort them back their room. For those not in a hospital setting, you can help by offering to pick up their groceries, run their errands or tend to their garden. Even a little can go a long way in bettering the lives of our veterans.


Participate in the National Moment of Silence


Pay your respects to those who sacrificed their lives and others who lost them during the National Moment of Silence. Beginning at 2:11 p.m. EST on November 11th, these two minutes allow us to recognize the heroic service and freedom that veterans have given—and continue to give—us.


Partake in the VA’s #BeThere Campaign


There’s no question that those who return home from service deserve some extra comfort. That’s why the Department of Veterans Affairs kicked off their new #BeThere campaign. Spotlighting Suicide Prevention Month in September, the initiative serves to remind communities that you can save someone’s life by just checking in with a phone call or dropping in to say hi. So, give that family member a ring or stop by your friend’s house with dinner to remind them that they matter.


Whether you choose to recognize Veterans Day with a donation, moment of silence or helping hand, just remember to give your best in honor of those who’ve given theirs.




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