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CONVERGE | Technology

Top 3 Machine Learning Projects To Watch This Year

July 18, 2018

Computers are doing the work so that we don’t have to. Here are the machine learning projects to watch this summer.


Hey, Siri – what’s the latest update in Artificial IntelligenceIf you receive responses involving “machine learning,” don’t be surprised. This branch of Artificial Intelligence is a popular topic in the tech industry and proves to be gaining more traction every day. So, what exactly is machine learning? We’ll spare you from the scientific jargon and give you the only definition you really need to know: machine learning is the process of training machines to process data on their own so they can perform human tasks. From your Netflix recommendations to Facebook photo facial recognition, and even Siri, this technology is already a major part of our lives. If you think that’s crazy, here are three (crazier) machine learning projects to watch this summer. 

The Self-Driving Car

Move over, drivers – technology is taking the wheel now.  Over the past few years, automobile manufacturers have raced to release the first fully autonomous car. In March, Google’s self-driving car division, Waymo, announced that they may reign victorious when they unveil their car in 2020. They also estimated that by that time, a million people could experience this computerized driving experience every day. Can you begin to imagine a world where drivers no longer exist? Well, you might want to start. Autonomous driving is emerging everywhere, including current models of Tesla and Porsche vehicles. As futuristic as it may sound, autonomous driving is here and now. 

Early Disease Detection

What if disease-ridden days were coming to an end? Thanks to technology, they might be. Scientists are applying algorithms to machine learning technology that may recognize early signs of Parkinson’s disease. By comparing data from a healthy patient against data from those with Parkinson’s, this technology can detect abnormalities that have indicated the onset of Parkinson’s in the past. By identifying these issues early on, there’s potential to save millions of lives (maybe even your own). Continue monitoring the news this year as machine-learning takes the medical world by storm. 

Tailored Classroom Learning

Education is no longer a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Technological advancements have helped reshape both the way students learn and the concepts that teachers cover. Algebra Nation, an online math resource, recently used machine-learning and High speed internet to monitor the click behavior of over 200,000 students. In doing so, they were able to identify individual moments of happiness, sadness, and boredom during each child’s training. What exactly does that mean for the student? A more customized learning experience that not only keeps them interested but also focuses on topics with which they struggle most. Keep a lookout for new advancements that surface this summer before the kids head back to school.

We’re just scratching the surface of what machine learning can do. While it may only live in our streaming services and social networks right now, it’s about to permeate every aspect of our lives. From medicine to transportation and education, machine learning is rapidly evolving to perform advanced human tasks so that we no longer have to.


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