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5 Things You’ll Want to Take Advantage of This Labor Day Weekend

September 01, 2021

There’s no work in Labor Day, do these things instead.


Every year the hardworking people of America get to kick back and enjoy a three-day weekend. Labor Day isn’t a time to catch up on responsibilities, but a day to pat yourself on the back for a job well-done. If the long weekend feels more stressful than relaxing, stop right now. Put the to-do list away and try these five things instead.



1. Family Time


Between getting the kids ready for school and powering through work, it can be difficult to get some quality time in. Take advantage of this three-day weekend and spend time with the people you love the most. Gather around the TV and browse Cox Contour for a movie night, go on a weekend camping trip or simply enjoy a meal together. Time spent with those you love is always time well spent.


2. You Time


When you spend so much of your time working for someone else, taking time for yourself is vital. Whatever you choose to do this Labor Day, make it about you. Whether your idea of relaxing involves taking a yoga class in the park or playing online video games, this is your time to enjoy.


3. Being Outdoors


As soon as September hits, you know fall is just around the corner. Gather the family and soak up that vitamin D before the clouds come rolling in. Go for a beach day or call up your friend with the pool. If you’d rather avoid the crowds, fire up the grill in your backyard and invite your friends over. Nothing says summer like grill marks on your food.


4. Good Food


Is there any better way to enjoy your time off than eating delicious food? We couldn’t think of anything either. Make it a win-win and get your favorite cuisine at a locally-owned business to show support for your community. If you’d rather stay in and enjoy your meal while you catch up on new shows and movies like He’s All That on Netflix, order take out on a delivery service app. This weekend is all about kicking back and feasting on some good grub.  


5. Shopping Sales


If you’ve been waiting to add a few devices to your smart home routines or are in need of a new wardrobe, Labor Day weekend is the time to shop. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your home. Scan the internet to find the best deals, from home décor to shoes galore. 


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