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CONVERGE | Technology

How to Stay Active Indoors (Even In Front of the TV)

November 08, 2017

Fall is here, which means less sunshine, cooler weather and more reasons to stay inside. Who wants to go on a five mile hike when it’s 40 degrees outside and the sun will set at 5:30 p.m.? Maybe one of the Ice Road Truckers, but not too many other people. It’s just a fact that it’s harder to exercise and keep active when the days are so short that the only sunlight you see is out the window of your boss’s office at work.

That doesn’t mean you can’t stay active during the colder months (even though we tell ourselves every year that chewing so much on Thanksgiving DOES burn calories). There are tons of apps and tools that can help you stay fit from the comfort of your living room; while Cox’s Pano WiFi and extensive network of hot spots ensure those apps are always on and connected no matter where you happen to be.

Nike+ Training Club

Nike’s free training app boasts over 150 different workouts that can be tailored to your preferences and current fitness level, and it includes video guidance from personal trainers who’ll walk you through the very best way to do each exercise. It’s like having your own library of workout videos.

Download: iOS | Android

Johnson & Johnson Official Seven Minute Workout

This is the original seven minute workout, developed by the Exercise Physiology Department at Johnson & Johnson. These high intensity workouts provide excellent cardiovascular benefits on those days or weeks where you’re just not up to longer exercises.

Download: iOS | Android

Lose It!

The Lose It! app tracks how many calories a day you’re eating, balancing that against the amount of exercise you’ve done, and displays exactly how much more or less you need to eat in order to either maintain your current weight or drop some pounds. Few things are more motivating than seeing a little exercise is going to enable you to eat 200 more calories today while remaining on target to lose a few pounds this month.

Download: iOSAndroid

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