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CONVERGE | Technology

Smart Devices for Smarter Tailgating

October 05, 2017

Football without tailgating is like baseball without the seventh inning stretch or basketball without mascots who somehow pull off acrobatic dunks during halftime while wearing huge, heavy costumes. It’d still be just as fun to watch, but it wouldn’t be the same.

Tailgating has been part of football since its very beginnings, with tales of Green Bay Packers fans (all the way back in 1919) backing their trucks up to the field so they could sit and watch the games from their tailgates. You can keep the tradition alive with TV everywhere apps like ESPNGo, CBS Sports, and FoxSports that are accessible via mobile through your Cox Contour subscription and allow you to watch the game even if you’re still grilling in the parking lot at kickoff.

When you tailgate, you’re taking part in a pastime as old as the game itself. And unless a flat, warm beer with a cold hot dog sounds like a fun pastime to you, the key to making that tailgate an enjoyable one is keeping the hot things hot and the cool things cool.

Keep the Hot Things Hot

Your entire tailgating experience starts with the grill. If you don’t have a grill, then you’re not so much tailgating as just hanging out in a parking lot.

This doesn’t have to be all that fancy. Take Char-Broil’s Portable Grill2Go gas grill. Not only does it offer fairly inexpensive portability, it also provides a high quality cooking experience through its TRU-Infrared heat system, which spreads heat evenly across the cooking surface without drying out your food.

But if you want to be on the cutting edge, there are grills like the Lynx Wi-Fi enabled SmartGrill. This grill connects to the SmartGrill app, which has hundreds of recipes and can tell the grill exactly how hot it needs to be to cook your food (while telling you the exact optimal spot on the grill to place that food).

As you’re cooking all that food, tools like the Morpilot BBQ Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer help you keep an eye on it from a distance, with six probes enabling you to track the temperatures of six different meats directly from your cell phone. That means less time standing over the grill and more time hanging out with friends.

Before you can start all this grill, you might need help waking up and that’s where the Oxx COFFEEBOXX comes in. It’s a rugged crush, spill and rust proof K-Cup coffeemaker that can handle all the varied weather thrown at it during tailgating season for years to come.

Keep the Cool Things Cool

Though it may be unnecessary if you’re tailgating outside Buffalo’s Ralph Wilson Stadium in December, you won’t have much of a party without a solid cooler for all your food and drink.

A cooler like the Coolest Cooler not only has lots of space for storage, it also has a built-in wireless speaker for music, a USB port to keep your phone charged, a blender, and a not quite as advanced, but still very useful bottle opener.

If you just want an incredible cooler that’s completely focuses on keeping all those cold things cold, then the Pelican Elite Series of Coolers is worth a look. It has a 360-degree freeze grade gasket that allows it to retain ice for up to ten days, allowing you to potentially keep the tailgate going from this game straight through the week to the next one.

If you’re in a pinch and need to cool a drink down in a hurry, there are several popular options to quickly make that happen. The most well known of these is the Spin Chill, which states its entire functionality right in the name: you attach it to the top of can, dunk the can in ice, then Spin Chill spins it around for sixty seconds until it’s chilled. Your friends will think you’re a magician.

You’ll want to relax and look cool too, and the ChillaX Inflatable Lounger makes it easy to do exactly that. It doesn’t require a pump and there’s no need to blow it up. Just a few simple steps and in a couple of minutes you have a portable couch.

Are you ready for some football (partying)? If you weren’t before, then these devices will have you all set for a good time in no time.

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