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CONVERGE | Technology

5 Smart Devices to Help you Prep for Fall

October 29, 2019

Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, the fall can be busy. Here are 5 smart devices to help you enjoy the changing seasons.


As the weather changes from hot to cold it is time to start preparing for all things fall. From holiday events, seasonal cooking and decorating your home, there is a lot to do. Here are 5 smart devices that can help keep things in order and help you enjoy one of the best times of the year. 


Smart Décor

While decorating for the fall can help bring in the season’s spirit, too many decorations can make your home feel cluttered. Keep things simple with some smart home automation decor tips! You can easily make it feel like fall by displaying fall images on your computer and smart TV screens. Show things like colorful leaves falling to the ground or a virtual fireplace to set the mood. 


Another great way to set the mood is by using smart lighting. Smart lighting can fill your home with an array of colors which you can change using an app or a virtual assistant like Alexa. You can even program your lights to match your routine. Wake up to sunrise lighting and let your lights illuminate your home as the sun goes down. What better to match the changing seasons than changing lights? 


Smart Cooking

With Thanksgiving around the corner, fall is the perfect time to do some cooking. Luckily, whipping up a family dinner is easier than ever with a wide range of smart kitchen devices. If you’re in need of some assistance you can find devices that can help you do everything from monitoring your food while its cooking to making sure you’ve cooked it to perfection. You can also connect virtual assistants, like Alexa, to help keep all your smart devices in line. With devices that follow your every voice command, you’ll be running a tight kitchen and producing amazing fall meals. 


Smart Eating

Fall is just as much about eating, as it is about cooking. Between Halloween and Thanksgiving, there are plenty of goodies to indulge in. But, if you’re worried about over doing it, place your food on a SmartPlate. Yep, it’s a thing. SmartPlate uses three digital cameras to scan each part of your meal and tell you how many calories are involved, what nutrition you are getting from your meal, and if you are chewing too fast to digest properly. Forget adding every single ingredient into a calorie calculating app, SmartPlate can identify what is on your plate with up 99% accuracy. Crazy, right?


Smart Aromas 

Nothing says falls like the scent of cinnamon, apples and pine in the air. Evoking your sense of smell is the best way to bring fall into your home. And the Moodo aroma diffuser lets you do just that. Using Wi-Fi and the Moodo app you can customize what your home smells like, depending on your mood. You can even mix fragrances to create your own signature fall blend.  Just purchase a few fragrance capsules that remind you of fall and fill the air with your favorite aromas at the press of a button. 


Smart Tracking  

Between trick-or-treating during Halloween and going to the mall during one of the craziest shopping seasons, making sure you know where your kids are is important. With all the chaos it’s easy to look away and lose sight of a wandering child. Don’t worry, there are now child tracking devices that can easily help you keep track even if your kid is quick on their feet. Tinitell has a simple child tracking device that your kids can wear as a bracelet, and that you can track with the use of an app. You can easily see where your kid is and even communicate with them to help track them down in the case that you do get separated in the midst of holiday chaos.


Focus on spending time with your family, eating your favorite foods and decorating your home while the smart devices handle all the tedious tasks. With some virtual assistance, you can make this season the best fall yet. 


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