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New Year’s Resolutions That Bring Us Together

January 16, 2019

New Year’s resolutions aren’t about how we can change, but how we can grow together.

The New Year is notorious for its resolutions. For some, it’s about hitting a milestone. For others, it’s about making a lifelong change. But, while resolutions may feel self-centered, they can also bring people together. Here’s how to leverage the most popular resolutions to strengthen your relationships with the people that you love 


Eating Healthier 


If you’re looking to clean up your diet this year, don’t do it alone. Food is a powerful tool - not just in health, but in connectivity, too.  


In fact, having a sit-down dinner with your family might boost your health even more. Researchers from Fresno State found that sharing three or more meals with your family each week can reduce the chance of obesity, disordered eating, and eating unhealthy foods while also increasing the chance of eating healthier.  


Best of all, breaking bread with others gives you the chance to catch-up while strengthening your relationships in the long-run. Next time you head to the grocery store, grab some extra ingredients and invite your family over for a healthy, home-cooked meal. 


Working Out More 


When it comes to the New Year, many people add fitness to the top of their to-do list, but for all the wrong reasons. While fitness is beneficial to your health, it can also be beneficial in building and strengthening relationships. A gym membership isn’t always needed. Something as simple as walking outside with a friend can give you the movement and quality time you both need.  


Fitness classes can also be a great way to connect with individuals in your community. From Zumba to spin classes and everything in between, there are at least 20 other like-minded individuals who have similar resolutions, interests and schedules. Not to mention, working out with a friend gives you the accountability you might need to make your resolution last throughout the year. 


Saving Money 


These days, everything costs money. So, when your friends invite you to the movies next year, don’t just turn them down - invite them over for an at-home movie night instead 


Bring the movie night to your house or host a show-themed viewing party by turning on your favorite TV show. Best of all, you’ll have the freedom to talk all night instead of being silenced by the dimmed lights. Worried your friends won’t be interested? A study found that 64% of adults prefer watching movies at home rather than heading to the cinema. So, save on the overpriced tickets, dry popcorn and mandatory silence - host your own movie night instead. 


Focusing on Self-Care 


Even self-care can bring us together. One of the most common self-care resolutions is spending less time on mobile devices and social media. These platforms can cause many to feel anxious or unhappy as a result of comparison 


So, rather than updating friends and family through a status or photo, live it with them instead. By spending more time offline, you can spend more time truly connecting with the people you love the most. Not to mention, you might even find that your spirits are lifted when you stop scrolling through other people’s highlight reels. 


As you start compiling your New Year’s resolutions, remember that achievement and connectivity go hand-in-hand. Even the most extreme resolutions can be accomplished with the help of a support system. 

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