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National Teacher Day: How to Show Appreciation

April 29, 2021

From e-cards to collages, here are five ways to show appreciation on National Teacher Day.


Teachers are the ultimate role models for their students. But over this past year, they’ve also been the quiet heroes of the community. On May 4th, show your child’s teachers some love for National Teacher Day. Their endless dedication during such an unpredictable time deserves some gratitude. Here are five simple ideas to help you get started. 



1. Send an E-Card


You might not be able to hand-deliver a card right now—but you can still send an e-card. Whether you choose funny or heartfelt, make sure you include some of your own words to express gratitude for their time and dedication over the past year. You might even consider leaving two separate messages—one from you and one from your child. Want to write the card beforehand? Many sites will let you schedule it to be delivered on National Teacher Day, so you can give your message the thought it deserves.


2. Create a Care Package


Pre-made care packages include anything from candles and flowers to coffee and mugs. Or, build your own by heading to your local store and purchasing a few items you think they’d enjoy—like snacks, stationery, sanitizer and scented lotions. Decorate the gift basket with their school colors.


3. Create a Collage


Want to get the whole class involved? Coordinate with parents to snap a picture of each student holding a separate letter and piece them together to spell out “Thank You”. If you’re able to hand deliver the collage, consider asking parents for one picture of their student and create a collage of the entire class on a small poster. If you want to get extra creative, arrange the photos in a certain shape (like an apple or pencil) or glue each photo to a paper flower and add them to a pot to create a classroom bouquet.


4. Record a Thank You Video


Don’t want to write your letter? Make it even more personal with a video. Choose to send just a recording of your child or one from the both of you. If you want to get the class involved, you can also ask other parents to record videos and create a compilation. Just be sure that you’re connected to wifi the day of so your video sends on time.


5. Make Something Special


Sometimes the best gifts are handmade ones. Having your child make something special will not only let them flex their creative muscle, but it can also keep them entertained for hours. Research ideas online if they’re having trouble thinking of some on their own. Then, head to your local craft store to grab supplies. While you might not be able to help them create school projects, feel free to get involved in bringing their idea to life.



Showing gratitude for your child’s teachers doesn’t have to cost a dime—just some time, thought and lots of appreciation.


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