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CONVERGE | Technology

Master the Art of Multitasking with these Digital Tools

May 04, 2018

Our favorite tools to help your master the science and art of multitasking, and achieve your goals.

By: Natalie Holmes

Tech doesn’t have to be a time suck. It can help you get more organized than ever, freeing up minutes, hours and even days so you have time to do the things you really love. There are a million and one scheduling apps out there that add layers of seamlessness and ingenuity while integrating with your favorite devices – it’s just a matter of picking which one works best for you.

We would recommend reading this article with your beverage of choice in hand and your Cox Panoramic WiFi running in the background – after all, you can’t download apps without wall-to-wall, high-speed internet! With that said, throw away those sticky notes, and pick one (or all!) of our favorite digital tools to finally master the art and science of multitasking.


The digital age is dissolving the boundaries between work and life, business and leisure. Wunderlist is a task management tool that’s designed with this in mind, letting you organize both your personal and professional agenda in one place. You start by writing lists, which can then be grouped into folders. Add notes, set deadlines and integrate into one of many compatible devices. The best part is that you can share lists with colleagues, friends or a partner, making collaboration a piece of cake — whether you want to shop for groceries or manage a major work project.


Say good-bye to “analysis paralysis” with Todoist, a solution for the chaos of modern life. Instead of trying to keep track of your responsibilities, meetings and all the other ideas that swim around your mind, Todoist helps put things in order, so you can work out what to focus on first — and make sure you don’t forget important details. The interface lets you brain dump on the go, and then refine and add details later. Each task can be assigned a project, grouping those disorderly thoughts into satisfyingly organized categories. There’s also a priority level that lets you keep track of deadlines, and, of course the all-important collaboration feature for teaming up with friends or coworkers on a task or project. To keep you motivated, the productivity tracker offers a sleek visualization as you move towards your goals, whatever they may be.


In a complex world, Evernote is refreshingly simple. From interface to functionality, everything is pared-down, yet somehow manages to provide most of what you need to organize your virtual and real-world lives as they continue to merge into one. Make a list, add tags and work with others to develop ideas or get things done. You can also add a tick box to show when a task is complete, import documents from Google Drive, and save links and highlight text from around the web with the Web Clipper add-on.


If you’ve ever tried to schedule a meeting with a bunch of busy people on different email platforms, you’ll know it’s far from straightforward. Kin has emerged integrating almost all the major calendar apps, so you can arrange appointments with anyone, no matter what device or software they’re using. It’s currently still in private beta, but you can sign up on the homepage to be notified as soon as it’s ready.


Having a personal assistant is a reality for a lucky few, but what about the rest of us? It’s time to meet Trevor, the AI-powered super-scheduler that helps you manage your life, both personal and professional, and even offers smart suggestions about how to improve efficiency and productivity. A task manager and scheduler rolled into one, Trevor helps you make and accomplish realistic plans, and offers insight into how you spend that most valuable of resources — time.

While not an app,  ‘Balanced Not Busy‘ is a blog we love that is all about living a balanced life. Written by Ciji Townsend, it gives readers words of inspiration on thriving in a life full of aspirations and commitments. Focused on helping people change their crazy busy mindset to confidently calm, Balanced not Busy offers practical tips and advice.

We all have ambitions, goals and dreams, from navigating a busy day, to planning much bigger life milestones. Technology can be an aid in coping with life’s complexities, giving us more time to relax and enjoy the results of all that hard work and focus. Now all you need to do is find the time to pick a tool!

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