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Make Your Homelife Even Easier and Smarter

July 02, 2021

Camera and voice features make Cox Homelife even more convenient to use.

Everyone has different ways of managing their home environment — and Cox Homelife can help make the experience easier and give you more control.


Do you want to turn your entry way lights on or off at a certain time of day or night? You can put them on a schedule with the Homelife app. Do you like to know when your kids get home from school or when a package is delivered to your front door? You can receive a text when someone is on your door step or opens the front door to your house. Want the AC to turn on before you get home? You can control your thermostat and other smart devices from your smartphone.


Your voice matters


Such a double meaning there!  But when it comes to Homelife, you can use your voice with the Contour Voice Remove to control your smart devices, like turn your front porch lights on or bump down the thermostat on a hot day…all from your couch. And now you can also use your Contour Voice Remote to pull up your Homelife camera on the TV in your living room. To access the footage, you just have to speak into the Contour Voice Remote, and say something like: "Show me the driveway (or front door, or nursery, or back yard) camera," and you can see what's happening and going on around your home.


Control at your fingertips


With Cox Homelife, all of the functions are in one place. There's no need for multiple apps: You can access your cameras, set your thermostat, turn off the lights and control your TV — all with one device.


So here’s what a perfect Saturday night looks like for me… Start by selecting your favorite movie from Cox On Demand. Then dim the lights, lock the front door and start up the popcorn machine all using your Contour Voice Remote or Homelife app. And if the doorbell rings right in the middle of your film fest? Not to worry — you can pause the movie and use your Contour Voice Remote to access the front door video feed and see who's there.


Cox Homelife can help you upgrade your home living experience, and with its new camera and voice remote feature, make life just a bit easier.



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