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CONVERGE | Technology

The Latest Wearable Technology Trends You Need

December 11, 2018

Watches, glasses, and jackets - oh my! Here are the latest wearable technology trends to add to your holiday wishlist.




Technology has come a long way. No longer are computers confined to the likes of desks and outlets. They now roam free in our bags and on our bodies. Wearable technology is nothing new. For years, it has kept us engaged with the environment, in-tune with our bodies, and connected to communities.

Wondering what technology lies ahead? Here are the latest wearable technology trends you should know about.

Fitness Technology

As the fitness industry continues to grow, the wearables begin to shrink. Watches and chest straps may now be a thing of the past thanks to companies like Motiv Ring. Think less clunky, more seamless - from the physical appearance to the Bluetooth capabilities. You can still get the step-counting, heart-rate-monitoring, sleep-analyzing features you know and love without the extra weight strapped to your body. Whether you’re hitting golf balls at the driving range or swinging racquets at the tennis courts, the Motiv Ring allows for custom activity presets for better heart-rate tracking. Best of all, the device’s small size means you can take advantage of their keychain and laptop charger for easy, on-the-go fuel. Talk about convenience.

Wellness Technology

Wellness wearables are not only limited to fitness. Wellness encompasses everything from your health, mindset, and even your posture.

Devices like the Upright Pro help correct slouching and strengthen your back while sitting at an office desk or at home on the couch. The small white device sticks onto the top of your back and can be easily hidden under chunky, fall sweaters or spring raincoats. The device communicates with the Upright Posture App where you can see reminders, daily achievements, and weekly progress reports. Be sure to connect your mobile device to your home internet service for a seamless, in-app experience. The best part of posture training? You’ll strengthen your back and regain your confidence just in time for next year’s warm weather.

Social Technology

We’re all guilty of reaching for our phones during picture-worthy moments to try and capture the perfect shot. Luckily, wearables like Snapchat Spectacle are making this process easier (and more hands-free) than ever.

After releasing their 1st generation sunglasses in November 2016, Snapchat has made their eyewear more stylish and tech-forward. With their V2 glasses, you can snap footage underwater, wirelessly sync with your mobile device and instantly send content to contacts or save it to your camera roll. The most prominent feature is their newfound subtleness. While the V1 Spectacles donned bright yellow circles around the cameras, V2 cameras blend in with the rest of the glasses so you barely even know they’re there. Now, you can subtly snap away.

Transportation Technology

Wearables are branching out in more ways than one. Rather than being an accessory, they’re becoming entire articles of clothing.

Wearables like the Jacquard by Google are taking over our jackets to deliver an even more seamless integration of the technology we already depend on. The jacket’s most impressive features involve transportation. When calling an Uber or Lyft, the jacket’s cuff will vibrate to notify you when your ride has arrived. If driving your own vehicle, it can even announce directions, drop a pin for when the cuff is tapped, or notify you of important calls or texts. So, how are wearables impacting transportation? Less distraction, better concentration, and safer driving - that’s a win.

From fitness and wellness to driving and socializing, wearable technology is getting bolder than ever. Don’t miss out on the latest wearable technology trends.

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