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All Kids Need This Powerful Tool To Get Their Homework Done

October 01, 2018

Do your children have access to one of the most important tools available to them? 


Kids all over the country are searching for something powerful (and virtually invisible) to help get their homework done.  They look in restaurants, libraries and other public places, hoping they can find it before curfew. Sometimes they search alone, sometimes with the help of their families.

The tool these kids need…is an internet connection.   

Closing the Digital Divide

Despite significant progress over the last decade, internet adoption remains a major challenge for low-income families across the United States. A fast and reliable internet connection is no longer a luxury, as more than 75 percent of K-12 teachers assign internet-based homework. Before they can even start working on an assignment, students who lack internet at home have to find a chaperone and transportation to their local library or other public internet access point during normal operating hours.

Understandably, it’s hard for them to imagine excelling to their full potential when fulfilling basic requirements is a daily struggle.    

While kids can’t take the internet home in their backpacks, there is a solution. Cox’s Connect2Compete program offers discounted internet service for families with at least one K-12 student living in public housing or qualifying for a free or reduced school lunch through the National School Lunch Program. For a heavily reduced $9.95/month, these families can have a fast, reliable internet connection at home.   

And according to a recent survey, it works! The vast majority of parents agree that Connect2Complete low-cost internet at home: 

  • Gives children a leg up for high school graduation (91 percent)  
  • Helps students get higher grades (89 percent).   
  • Makes children more interested in school work (88 percent)   
  • Makes it easier to communicate with teachers and the school (95 percent) 
  • Sets children up for success (94 percent) 

The survey also revealed that most Connect2Compete customers are first-time internet users. Many first-time internet users lack the digital literacy skills necessary to make the most of their internet connection. To help bridge this gap, Cox offers free digital literacy training and resources through the Cox Digital Academy.  The digital literacy training is designed to empower low-income families to build educational, economic and social opportunities is crucial to realize the full potential of a home internet connection.    

Getting homework done can be challenging ANY circumstance.  But now ALL students can get a leg up in school by having fast, reliable internet connection at home.

Eligible families can apply online or  by calling 855-222-3252. 

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