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5 Helpful Apps for First-Time Parents

April 22, 2021

Check out these helpful apps every new parent needs.


Bringing a baby into the world can be an exciting and daunting experience all at the same time. You can read all about what to expect when the baby arrives, but there’s bound to be a few surprises along the way. Every first-time parent could use a little assistance as they figure out how to raise their new bundle of joy. Luckily, we can arm ourselves with a very valuable tool—technology. Read about five apps that can help with navigating parenthood.



1. Peanut


They say it take a village to raise a kid…or an app with a virtual support group made up of supermoms, just like you. The Peanut app connects you to other moms in your area, allowing you to swipe through profiles and connect with those you’d like to talk to. You can reach out for 1:1 mom talks or enter the Peanut Page to start a community discussion. Use the app to ask any questions you may have and learn from like-minded women going through the same experiences as you.


2. Glow Baby


One day your baby is crying out to be picked up, the next they’re taking their first steps across the living room floor. Babies grow up quickly and their daily habits can change in an instant. The Glow Baby app helps you track all of their developmental milestones and provides you with valuable information as they grow, such as recommended feeding times, sleep schedules and when to start solids. You’ll also receive daily personalized parenting tips. It’s the perfect assistant every parent should have in their back pocket.


3. Cloud Baby Monitor


Parents used to have to be within earshot to hear if a baby was awake and in need of comforting. Today, the Cloud Baby Monitor app allows you to move with ease while still keeping an eye on your sleeping bundle of joy. All you need is two devices, such as a tablet and smartphone. Using the live streaming feature, the app will send you noise and motion alerts to notify you when your baby is starting to wake up. This app also provides soothing music and two-way video talk, which means you’re never too far away.


4. BabyTime


Once a baby arrives, your days can get hectic as your life now revolves around their schedule. The BabyTime app can help get things back on track. This app allows you to track feeding times, diaper changes, pumping sessions, bath and sleep times. It will also create a customizable chart to help you track your baby’s natural rhythm—including how long it takes them to fall asleep. You can easily sync the app with your spouse or other caregivers so they can send you updates throughout the day. This all-in-one app makes life that much easier.


5. Sound Sleeper


The Sound Sleeper app was made for all the parents with fussy babies who don’t like to sleep more than 30 minutes at a time. This apps emits white noise to help the baby sleep. It also includes a special feature that allows you to record your own lullaby so your baby can drift off to the sound of your voice. Plus, you can track your baby’s sleep patterns and see how often they wake up throughout the day and night. Sleep makes for happy babies (and parents).



In addition to downloading these helpful apps, home automation can also make your everyday life easier. With home automation tools, like Cox Homelife, you can create the perfect routine for you and your baby. Have your lights, speakers, locks and baby monitor all working together to ensure your baby is safe and sound. Let technology handle the day-to-day stuff, so you can focus on being a parent.



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