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Fall Cooking with Your Virtual Assistant

November 06, 2019

Let’s make things smarter (and easier!) in the kitchen.

Cooler weather calls for recipes to warm the heart, soul and stomach. If you’re looking to cook up some of your favorite Food Network dishes, a virtual assistant can be your best sous chef. Learn how virtual assistants, and a little bit of smart home automation, can assist you in making some amazing fall dishes this season. 

How Alexa Can Help  

Alexa knows more than just how to crack a joke – she knows how to assist in the kitchen, too. Give your favorite recipes to Alexa and let her get to work

She can help:

Search for Recipes  

Alexa may not be a chef, but she does have access to the Food Network’s plethora of recipes from some of the best foodies out there. To access them, go to the “skills” section on the Alexa app and search for recipes. You can filter according to the ingredients you have on hand, how much time you want to spend in the kitchen or by your favorite TV chef.

For example, you can say, “Alexa, ask the Food Network for the recipe on TV now,” or you can ask her for a meal you can whip up in 30 minutes. Sometimes, the hardest part about cooking is trying to figure out what to make, but Alexa can help you plan the perfect meal

Order the Ingredients 

Have you ever gone to the grocery store only to come back missing an important ingredient? Forget multiple trips. Alexa can help maintain your grocery list and order items on your command. Simply pick a recipe and ask her to add the ingredients. If you’re planning a big dinner for Sunday, ask her to order everything by Thursday so you’ll have what you need on time.  

Convert Units 

Sometimes cooking calls for precision, but its not always easy when you don’t have the right tools. Alexa can easily convert measurements, so you don’t have to do the mathFor example, if the recipe calls for 5 milliliters of milk and you need to know how many teaspoons that equals, just say, “Alexa, convert 5 milliliters to teaspoons.” You have enough to do in the kitchen, so leave the conversions to Alexa.  

Set a Timer 

When you’re preparing an entire meal, you may have multiple things cooking simultaneously. One timer is simply not enough to keep track of everything, but this job is perfect for Alexa. She can set several timers at the same time and let you know when each item is done cooking. Just say, “Alexa, start a pie timer for 20 minutes,” followed by, “Alexa, set a casserole timer for 30 minutes.” When the time is up, she will alert you until you tell her to stop. Nothing is burning on Alexa’s watch.  

Give Nutritional Facts 

Even though the fall is a time to indulge in some of your favorite foods, Alexa can also help keep things healthy. Get the nutritional facts on your favorite dishes, such as calorie count and information about carbs or sugarsIf you’re trying (key word, trying) to eat well without going overboard, Alexa has your back. 

From start to finish, Alexa can be your trusted virtual assistant in the kitchen. Whether you are trying out a new fall dish or making one of your go-to favorites, make sure to let her know how she can help.  


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